Roadside Ghost Boy Captured By Dashcam

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Initially appearing as blob alongside of the road in the distance, those passing by that day couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. After doing a double take, people driving through the Philippines noticed something by the road. One of their names is Myrtle.

After talking, they said it was a boy. When they played back their dashcam video footage, the boy resembled something more like a glowing ball of light seen in the video. To this day, they believe that they watched a lost trapped spirit. This ghost it seems, was trying to figure out what had happen to them. Perhaps even, this boy was the victim of a hurricane storm known to frequent this area.

Little ghost boy Philippines roadside

This video remains a questionable paranormal capture yet it is quite interesting to watch. The location where this incident took place, is within 1,799.42 square miles of space. Eastern Samar, has nearly 470,000 people living here. People do lose their lives through this location and it is unknown who this little boy might be. When mother nature strikes, it is unpredictable sometimes. At a moments notice, everything change in a blink of an eye due to a passing typhoon.

One stretch of road, is said to be haunted by the ghosts of these storms. This is what lured these ghost chasers here. While watching the video, the reaction heard says it all. This is something you don’t ever expect to see while driving. There is a ghost seen, off to the left side near the by railing and a road sign labeled but difficult to read.

Roadside Ghost Boy Captured By Dashcam

Screaming a sheer pandemonium occurs, as everyone starts reacting to what they had seen. While anything could be faked, this seems to be more on the believable side of things. According to the video, this moment took place on 2/15/18. More study of this will have to be conducted as this is one perplexing video.

The little ghost boy seen, allegedly had his hand over his face. This would indicate that he was upset or shamed in some way. What happened to him? Everyone is assuming it was the storm that killed him but perhaps something else had happened.

With the speed the car was traveling, it really makes this video tough to see much detail. The motion effect blur, is undoubtedly from the camera quality and movement from each frame rate. So far, this remains to be a creepy video. If anyone else out there has more information about this, contact us. The video is from Nuke’s Top 5 this channel focuses on scary, creepy, strange, and unusual things.

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