Strange Disease Leaves Filipino Man With Enormous Swollen Head

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It is a very unusual thing to happen but unfortunately one man from the Philippines, was left with a swollen face that was three times the normal size of a person.

His mysterious illness crept up on him over time. Three years ago, 56-year-old Romulo Pilapil began to suffer from severe itching in his eyes among having a runny nose.

56-year-old Romulo Pilapil

Unbeknownst to him, his life would take a tragic turn for the worst. Initially, doctors thought he contracted sinusitis. They went on to prescribe medication for him. However, it didn’t seem to help. Quite tragically his face began to swell even more with each passing day.

The local medical staff of Leyte had no idea what was happening to Pilapil. In addition to his eyes being swollen, the lower part of his face was also swelling as well.

His lips in particular began to get noticeably larger. His nose didn’t seem to increase as much. After time passed, Pilapil’s facial features appeared to be upward of four times their usual size. Including his cheeks and his eyes. 

Doctors wanted him to head to the capital city of Manila, where he could possibly get further help. It would prove to be a difficult task as Pilapil worked as a carpenter. His salary was barely enough to keep his family (including three children) going. They didn’t have the funds to travel to the city for help.

Eventually, Pilapil lost most of his eyesight due to the extreme swelling he endured. In order to see at least something, he puts cotton swabs under his swollen eyelids every day. This also left him out of work, as he couldn’t even function as he once did before. 

Pilapil’s nephew John Santos said, “His eyes looked irritated that day, and his nose was red. He had colds, so everybody thought it was sinusitis, then his face started to swell.”

After all of this, Pilapil’s children have stepped in to help take care of him. They each rotate their jobs each day to that one of them is there with him always. They love their father and are hoping that he somehow will recover.

Word about Pilapil has since been spread around the world. Perhaps someone out there can help this man. His wife has taken a job as a street sweeper, to help provide for her family in the meantime.

(Source: Anomalien)

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