Tattooed Fish Turns Up In The Philippines

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When fisherman Lopez Jaena from Mindanao, Philippines caught this unusual fish, it quickly made the news. The blue marlin fish, weighed in at nearly 53 pounds. What was unusual about this particular fish, were the markings covering it.

It seems that instead of this being some sort of alien fish, it was a fish that was wrapped up in a t-shirt with a pattern. Because of this, the print was then transferred over to this fish. It didn’t take long before this fish became famous online. Social media site users, were quick to share news of this spectacular fishy.

Tattooed Fish Phillipines tshirt

Initially, the fish was caught by Jaena from a large net. He didn’t think that his day would turn out so very different, due to a fish that he caught. You never know what might happen, while being out in the wild. Jaena said, “It has no tattoo I never thought that the print of what I used to cover would embed on the fish skin.”

Jaena also said on his blog, “This large fish may have been a visiting alien species that wanted to mingle with a species similar to its own, only to get caught and eaten as food.”

Jaena decided to sell his fish later at the market, which was his only catch of the day. According to the The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, this particular fish had a chemical reaction to the t-shirt.

It’s slimy type skin and the print of the fabric, produced a bleeding effect after further study was made about it. After wrapping the caught fish, the image was reversed after the fish was wrapped inside of the shirt.

If there are alien type creatures living under the water, this method wouldn’t work as a method to communicate with us it seems. However, maybe Jaena will catch something else one day, that will be equally as interesting.

What lingers underwater still remains a mystery to us. Mankind so far, has submerged to a depth of 35,756 feet (10,898 meters). It happened back on Mar 27, 2012 when director James Cameron and his crew went to the Mariana Trench’s Challenger Deep.

Equally as impressive, was a 41 year old Egyptian man named Ahmed Gabr who plunged down 332.35 m (1,090 ft 4.5 in) in the Red Sea, off of the coast of Dahab, Egypt. His dive was quite remarkable indeed. As the world advances with technology, more diving opportunities await as more mysteries are unlocked.

(Source: Express UK)

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