Classes canceled after ghostly possession takes control of 15 students

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Located in the Philippines, something rather unusual happened after 15 different students at a school in the province of Palawan, reported being possessed by an evil spirit. All of them told their teacher they were seeing the ghost of a bloody woman. The students were terrified, acting rather strangely suddenly.

As one might can imagine, the teachers and administrators at the school, were uneasy about the entire situation. Reportedly, the students began speaking in unknown tongues and displayed freakish signs of strength, after throwing desks, people and chairs around. So far, there has been no video evidence documenting this event. Perhaps someone out there, will share video footage of this mass hysteria online.

Palawan Philippines

Palawan has a population of around 900,000 people. Word about this incident quickly spread across the country. The students were quickly rushed over to a Catholic church for exorcisms. The actual possession, took place during the middle of their class – according to Junfred Calamba who reported this on Friday morning.

The school principal, Vicente Tamanyo mentioned to “Dobol B sa News TV” that there were two students who began acting strange at first. Afterward, other students started behaving equally strange claiming to have seen some sort of spirit of a bloodied woman.

Palawan Philippines classroom ghost possession

Even the principal’s own son, started to exhibit the same behavior. He was also taken to the church for prayers and any type of exorcism rituals to be performed. The entire community here has deep beliefs that this is no hoax and these children experienced something paranormal.

Due to policies, school officials and priests must first get their parent’s permission, before any type of tranquilizers could be administered. As the day went along, students were later sent home over the entire incident. This is something that most people wouldn’t believe or see in their lifetime. For centuries, people have believed in ghosts, demons and other unexplained entities taking control of our very world day by day.

There are some things which we cannot see with our own eyes. Just because we cannot see them, doesn’t mean that they might not be there. It is believed that some of these dark forces, try to influence our very thoughts. Aside from the Bible, there are other religious documents mentioning evil spirits and demonic type possessions. Perhaps this news story, is another sign of the times.

(Source: GMA)

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