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Mysterious Object Falls From The Sky During Texas Lighting Storm

The event took place during October 16th this year. It happened in San Antonio, Texas. The exact time of night is unknown, but it was dark and a lighting storm was happening. Seen during this video is a purple looking tinted skyline. Bolts of lighting strike down over the San Antonio area.  It is unknown

Man claims to have killed Bigfoot in the wild

A man from Las Vegas named Rick Dyer, claims to have slain a 8-foot-tall, 800-pound Bigfoot. It happened near San Antonio back in September of 2012. While out in the wilderness, Dyer used ribs along with deer urine, to allegedly lure the fabled Bigfoot beast. The urine was used around specific areas within the forest

Ghostly Texas motel room video recording has gone viral

Recently, a man from Harlingen, Texas experienced something supernatural. His room was strangely filled with what seems like a ghostly entity playing tricks on him. Some of these moments, were captured with his camera phone. Potus Frank Ramirez simply was staying at his motel room, when strange things started happening. As seen on his video,

Legend of The Donkey Lady Bridge

During the 1970’s, an urban legend was started by people who encountered a woman who was horribly disfigured. Many referred to her as “The Donkey Lady”. The location where this happened, is in San Antonio, Texas. Often, people mentioned hearing noises much like what a donkey or horse would make. When they turned to look