Mysterious Object Falls From The Sky During Texas Lighting Storm

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The event took place during October 16th this year. It happened in San Antonio, Texas. The exact time of night is unknown, but it was dark and a lighting storm was happening. Seen during this video is a purple looking tinted skyline. Bolts of lighting strike down over the San Antonio area. 

It is unknown exactly what this thing was, but speculations are running wild about it including some kind of fallen UFO or alien figure dropping down. The dark looking object, seems to appear off from where the lighting strike happens. It then seems to fall to the ground rapidly in an undisclosed location.

Mysterious Object Falls From The Sky During Texas Lighting Storm

The speed it seems to fall is really quick. The object in question must be a good size since the view is from a perspective angle. One can only imagine just how large this thing would be up close.

Apparently, a lady recorded this in a slow motion mode on her phone out of fascination of the storm. It was by sheer chance that they captured this unknown UFO of sorts on camera. 

They were obviously shocked by what they had captured and later shared it online out of excitement. Perhaps someone out there knows more about this or even recorded a more detailed version of this night storm.

Was this some kind of giant weather balloon struck down? Could it have been an animal hit by the storm? At this point, anything might have been a possibility.

Julia Jannell is the woman who recorded this and she said, “I was recording to lightning on super slow mode and caught something strange. What makes it weird is that it’s faster than the lightning.

My dad loves the lighting, so I was just going to send him the video of how crazy it was on my side of town”, she added. 

What it could be? When asked about where this was Julia also replied, “All I know it says private property, no trespassing 24 hour surveillance…and I’m  not getting shot..or bitten by a snake!”

(Source: Anomalien)

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