Legend of The Donkey Lady Bridge

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During the 1970’s, an urban legend was started by people who encountered a woman who was horribly disfigured. Many referred to her as “The Donkey Lady”. The location where this happened, is in San Antonio, Texas. Often, people mentioned hearing noises much like what a donkey or horse would make.

Urban Legend Donkey Lady Bridge

When they turned to look behind them, they were met with a rather frightening image. The donkey woman caused people to even veer off the road while driving. Other stories about her, mention when someone would honk their horn or yell at her—she would attack their car. While this is disturbing enough, imagine being on foot trying to outrun her. Many vehicles were supposedly badly damaged by her doing.

One story stood out about The Donkey Lady. Apparently, an older woman had a pet donkey. It was rumored that she was a possible witch. The townsfolk taunted her and even burned down her home out of fear. When this event took place, the elderly woman was burned badly thereby leaving her badly scarred and ostracized.

After this, the townsfolk said she resembled that of a donkey. Perhaps both her and the animal bonded with one another in a spiritualistic type of ritual, becoming one. Inevitably, the woman died from falling off the Elm Creek bridge. This area is located off of Old Apple White Road. Many motorcycle accidents have occurred here, as they looked into their rear view mirror noticing this monstrosity of a woman.

Donkey Lady Bridge at night

The legend about her goes, if you pass near the bridge—she will violently attack your car. If you pass over the bridge several times (while calling out for her) she will take you away with her. There is another backstory about The Donkey Lady. She was a beautiful young woman back in the 1950’s who was burned badly by fire accident her husband had started.

This left her horribly disfigured and as she healed, her face began to droop. All of her fingers fused together from the accident. This also left her hands appearing to be rather dark, giving them a hoof-like appearance. She eventually became insane from the experience and began to live remotely in different parts of Bexar County terrorizing anyone who dared to approach her.

To see The Donkey Lady, one must call out her name three different times while staying inside their car. After this, honk and yell for her to come. If one listens carefully they will hear the sound of hooves moving and the apparition of The Donkey Lady. She can be heard at times roaming around crying out for both man, woman and child at night.

(Source: Mix 96.1)

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