Ghostly Texas motel room video recording has gone viral

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Recently, a man from Harlingen, Texas experienced something supernatural. His room was strangely filled with what seems like a ghostly entity playing tricks on him. Some of these moments, were captured with his camera phone.

Potus Frank Ramirez simply was staying at his motel room, when strange things started happening. As seen on his video, some kind of invisible force begins to move objects randomly around the room. Frank is glad he caught some kind of evidence of this, as most people wouldn’t believe something like this anyway.

Potus Frank Ramirez

Frank is now a believer himself—after quickly grabbing his camera, to record his most unusual evening. People have mentioned, that some kind of fishing line was used to move the objects around, as he seems to step backwards each time things happen. Perhaps someone else (off camera) was moving things around in the room for him. Either of these theories are a possibility of course.

It wasn’t until the third time, when the phone was yanked off the hook when Frank started recording his experience. This happened to him at the Country Side Inn, inside of room #38. For whatever reason, perhaps a restless or playful spirit is lingering behind here.

Maybe the owners of the motel, will call upon a paranormal investigative crew to scour the area. Frank said he often stays here as he works in the Harlingen area. This time around, his night was definitely different for him after he stayed in room #38.

After the video was posted on Facebook and other social media sites, it has since gone viral. The video has received near 3.7 million views on Facebook alone. Some simply think Frank is out for attention and trying to fool everyone.

Frank insists that this is legit saying: “IDK what it is, but I know it was here. You be the judge. Hotel in Harlingen, Tx.” “It’s never happened to me before in the hotel—never experienced anything like that.”

Potus Frank Ramirez motel room #38 ghost encounter

This video lasts around 6 minutes and during that time a phone is seen coming off of the hook, a towel comes off the bathroom counter by itself and a hanger seems to move also without anyone around. It is certainly weird and has people talking.

One odd thing is a woman from San Antonio messaged him on Facebook, saying she had stayed in room #38 and woke up “with her face scratched up.”

At some point Frank went to the front desk of the motel. He was assigned another room to stay in. When he got to his new room, he turned on all of the lights and unfortunately didn’t get much sleep—if any at all. The staff mentioned to him that they won’t be renting out this room until they get it blessed.

(Source: Texas News Blog  and KSAT 12 ABC)

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