Grave in the middle of the road

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Located in the middle of the road in Indiana, is a rather bizarre site to be seen. Within both crossings of the road, nearly 200 years ago, a woman was buried here. Things have become even more unusual, as the remains of 7 more people, were laid to rest here as well under a single headstone. This location is at County Road 400 in Amity.

Nancy Kerlin grave site middle of road

The grave is located in the middle of the road within Johnson County, Indiana and has taken an interesting turn—since its first inception. The grave has an interesting history to it, before being disturbed in more recent times as well.

Road crews which date back to 1808, have all cowered in fear here—due to the will of one man named Daniel G. Doty. He is the grandson of Nancy Kerlin Barnett, she was only 14 years old when she married William Barnett and they had 11 children together.

Nancy Kerlin ghost

Her last dying wish, was to be laid to rest near her favorite piece of land, which overlooks a nearby creek here. (Nancy Kerlin died at the age of 33) Nancy’s husband William Barnett, would end up later drowning in the Ohio River. He was the great, great, great grandson of Pocahontas and John Rolfe.

Nancy Kerlin sign

Nancy’s grandson was so determined to ward off any disrespect to his grandmothers grave site, that he setup camp here. He was armed with a shotgun and said he would shoot any man, who approached his grandmothers grave. This struck fear into the hearts of any highway worker, who dared approach the site.

His standoff lasted for several weeks, before the county decided to leave Nancy’s grave unscathed permanently. This plot of land, also has a haunted history to it as well. This has led to the local government here, deciding to simply split the lanes and pave around the graves here.

Well before the road crews started painting white lines over the fresh pavement in recent times, this location was just a small village area—as it originated not far from Sugar Creek.

Nancy Kerlin grave site

A concrete slab was placed for protection marking this area back on August of 1912.

Nancy was the first to be buried on the hilltop. However, she was soon joined by enough locals that an official cemetery was built around her grave site. This property changed considerable over the years and eventually became a highway road.

People sincerely believe, that the ghosts of the dead remain to haunt this area. They do not wish to disturb them, by unleashing their wrath—upon all who dare tread through here and over the graveyard location. Be wary while driving through this location, it is considered to be paranormal active.

Currently, the bones are still being investigated by DNA testing, to determine whether or not Nancy Kerlin-Barnett’s living relatives, can find out who else (if any) are buried here as well.

(Source: Week in Weird)

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