(11) Eleven Eerie Entity Encounters

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Photo by Charles Parker

This Was No Little Girl After All

Camping with my husband and his family at a small, remote lake in New Mexico was a terrifying experience. There were 10 people in our group and 6 people in the next campsite, and it was nighttime. We all heard what sounded like a little girl yelling for help, and we started to search for her together. 

We soon saw a very tall, white figure standing maybe 100ft away from us in the field, and it was making the noises. Whatever it was that we saw started backing away as we got closer, and it disappeared into the trees. All night we continued to hear the little girl calling for help, until finally we all fell asleep. We had no idea what this thing was. It still haunts us to this day.

Image by Adrian from Pixabay

The Dead Walks Among Us

I was a psychiatric nurse at a residential mental health facility and one of our residents was an elective mute. He didn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t talk, but there were no medical reasons as to why. Ten years later, a 7 foot tall man walked into the VA Hospital emergency room and said he had been dead for ten years. 

He was covered in dust and he was wearing the same clothes he’d been reported to be wearing when he vanished. His social security number had not been used, but they were able to identify him, I guess via fingerprints. The family was notified but they refused to be contacted again. 

Marion paced all day every day, moving his mouth that looked like talking or muttering, but no sound ever came out. If I talked to him, he appeared to listen, periodically throwing his head back with his mouth wide open as if he were laughing heartily, but no breath could be heard. 

Various medications were tried, but they did nothing to affect him either positively or negatively. Occupational therapy did nothing because Marion would just grin and unless told to stay put, he’d get up and start pacing again. On my last day at the job, the last thing I saw was Marion walking in the parking lot. Later, I wondered if all along I had been dealing with some kind of ghost spirit or maybe something else.

Image by Maxime from Pixabay

The Disturbing Stop

While I was traveling with both my mother and sister I was 16. My sister at the time was 20. We were out late but felt rested after driving around. After looking around, we noticed there was nobody else around for miles. 

The only rest stop was maybe 200 miles from everything else. This place was remote. Looking over we noticed a van of teenagers at the gas station along with a gray car parked at the pump right in front of us. There were several men there standing around.

There was something about this place that felt off. After both my mom and sister went inside, I stayed behind in the car. It was then when I could overhear the teenagers there say they were creeped out over something. They had problems trying to pump gas and soon after left the place in a hurry. 

Those two men in front of us had never moved at all, not even an inch. Neither of them seemed to be talking to one another. They also had no phones either. They seemed to just be standing there like stone statues. My mother and sister suddenly came running back to the car and got in quickly. 

Remember those two men? Well, they then turned slowly to look over at us, not moving the rest of their bodies. It seemed like their eyes were soulless and empty like darkness. There was no reflection glimmering in their eyes whatsoever. 

After all of this, we left there quickly and onward to the next city we could get to. Even more creepy is none of us could seem to locate this place on the map either. It was like it was erased entirely. There was no gas station where we went either. The whole thing had us dazed and confused. There were no markers around either; the locals we spoke with never heard of this gas station and on the map it simply wasn’t there.

Photo by Khoa Võ

Whatever It Was, It Came For Us In The Graveyard

Well, I was out driving my good friend’s really old and beaten up Subaru through a really big graveyard. We were that bored that day and decided to explore some. After a bit we then stopped and went down a hill on foot which leads to a small sized pond. We noticed someone from afar sitting on a rock there on the other side of the pond.

This figure was dressed in all black and neither of us could make out much more detail from where we were. However, this figure looked like a man who was wearing some old-style top hat. Both of us stupidly decided to wave and say “Hi!” really loudly. This man didn’t seem interested and didn’t acknowledge us at all. He seemed to continue sitting on the rock across the way. 

This figure suddenly jumped up to his feet and started running towards us along the water. It sounds crazy but he then vanished into the water about halfway across the pond. Both I and my friends screamed to the top of our lungs and then ran back towards the car.

Just like from out of a horror movie, the car wouldn’t start and we heard something that seemed like a banging noise coming from the back of the car. It seemed like every few moments a banging was heard. At this point the sun was setting and it was getting darker outside. 

There was nobody around I could see, only the noise continued happening. I tried using my phone without avail and was trying to reach my mom to come get us. There was no service and it wasn’t just me either, my friends couldn’t get a signal either. For the next 30 minutes or so we all spent time trying to get the car started. While the loud banging noise stopped there seemed to be a heavy pressure coming from all around us. 

Finally, the car started up and my friend hit the pedal to the metal. She hauled arse out of there! Immediately upon crossing the gates, all of our phones began to start working again. Whatever we encountered it wasn’t human, this was something else not an animal either. It was an experience we would never forget!

Catching Up With An Old Friend

When I was 37, I went to a high school reunion. I flew to the nearest airport and rented a car. The route was about 35 miles through a very rural and almost deserted part of the country. About three miles out of town I see someone on the side of the road warning me. It turned out to be one of the boys I went to school with.

Jim (not his name) gets in the car and we start talking. I hadn’t seen him in twenty years, but he still looked the same, maybe a little older. We come into town and I ask him if he would like to come to the VFW for a drink. He said, “No, take me home.”

Jim’s parents lived a few blocks from my grandmother’s house and I was looking that way, but he told me to take him to the outskirts.There was an RV park and I thought he lived there. When we got to the end of the corner, he said, “Leave me here. “It was nice to see you again” and leaves at night. 

I go to VFW, meet some of my old school friends and we start talking. While we’re talking about who’s coming to the meeting, let me mention that I just picked up Jim three miles east of town and left everyone silent; Even the karaoke guy stops and lowers the mic. My cousin is turning white as a new shirt. 

“Barb, Jim died around that curve about eight years ago. He overturned his car. We were all at his funeral,” I was told. I got dizzy and got in the car to take a few deep breaths. On the seat is the local newspaper with Jim’s obituary, printed eight years earlier. I still have paper.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

After moving into our home, we learned that a woman had died there at the hands of her abusive husband. She hates men. My dad wakes up with scratches all over his body, and whenever my brother treats my sister badly, he gets scratches all over his body. 

One day, my brother hurt our sister, he hit her with something. When he woke up  that night, he had a terrible nosebleed. On the day we moved in, my brother accidentally broke his twin’s arm while trying to do a wrestling move. He swore he would die that night if it wasn’t our last home.

It Seems That Death Came For Him

While at home in my parent’s room, I was speaking with my very sick dad. You have to understand he was dying of stage 4 esophageal cancer. I got chills down my spine as I swear there was something standing behind me. After looking over towards the doorway back into the living room, something about 5’0 tall was peeking around the corner at me. Its hands were on the doorway frame. 

When I ran towards it, whatever it was seemed to slip back down around the door. When I wandered over towards it, this thing seemed to go back around the door again. After looking around further I noticed nothing there.

My dad was very confused about my actions and when I stepped back inside the room to tell him others there with me noticed something too. It seems that whatever this thing was, it appeared before us on multiple occasions and different places as well. My mom watched as this figure would appear before her upon different occasions and places until my dad passed away. We have not seen this thing since but suspect it was some kind of entity of sorts. 

Something Evil Liked My Mom

When my parents got divorced when I was a teenager, I still lived with my mother. Disturbingly, I have personally experienced a number of paranormal happenings. There were several times when I was reading in my bed that the room would shift temperatures suddenly. Things became rather “icy”. It felt as if something or somebody hated me. Its very presence was staring at him it seemed. I got that feeling of dread and would have to soon leave the room thereafter. Usually about an hour later things would be okay. Even sometimes during the day, I would notice a shadow figure of sorts sneak along my bedroom walls. 

There was something in my home that was pretending to be my dog. It was creepy as hell. I would hear a deep growl coming from underneath my bed. My dog wasn’t capable of making such a deep growling noise like that. At least I’ve never heard my dog do that before. 

The noise I heard resembled that of a larger dog or a grown man making deep growling noises. Sometimes my dog would whimper at times and even pace around in the room next to mine. My dog wouldn’t come out either after being so terrified. As some might know or guess that both children and animals are able to see things that we cannot. Nowadays, my dog is afraid of something in our hallway. After I decided to move out and live with my father, the paranormal activity seemed to stop altogether.

Image by Dony Setiawan from Pixabay

I Was Evicted By A Ghost

I got married right after graduating from university. It was on my budget and that was all I had. So, I immediately moved into a basement apartment. A poltergeist lived in this place and her wife was terrified. She made it clear that whatever lived there with us wanted to live alone. Plates, glasses, etc. will fly from the shelf.

My wife was beaten several times. She had an eerie feeling that she was constantly being watched. At night, walking around the apartment in the dark, there was a very bright light that illuminated the entire room.

One night, as my wife and I entered the bedroom to go to bed, out of nowhere, we heard a voice say, “[my name], move.” Her wife looked at me and I looked at her. I yelled out, “Okay.” We moved out two days later to be with my family. The old lady who owned the property died a few months later and the house was demolished. It’s still a vacant lot, with only grass and trees left. I still drive by from time to time.

The March Of Death

My father worked as a correctional officer in a rural prison. Throughout his shift, he drove around the property, checking vacant buildings for escaped residents. It was a boring job overall.

One night, as his father parked his car on a hill reading a magazine, he felt his body throb. He described it as the feeling you get when you play a song with very deep bass through your speakers.

He put down the magazine and looked in the rearview mirror and saw someone outside the truck. He grabbed a pistol and jumped out of the truck with his gun drawn. Outside the truck, he realizes it is a procession of Native Americans. 

They went through the truck (and straight through their seats) and ended up disappearing right where they were sitting. He said it was clear they were ghosts, as many of them appeared injured. This lasted for a few seconds, after which the entire matrix disappeared.

He called another border man on his walkie-talkie to explain, but the other man quickly stopped communicating. Apparently the other guy had seen this before, but it turned out he didn’t want to talk about it because he didn’t believe in ghosts.

It Was The Demon’s Room

I worked as a forensic nurse in the prison department of a hospital. We had an elderly woman who claimed she was possessed and abused by a demon she named Tiberius. So many crazy things happened while she was in her unit. We entered the room, did our usual procedures and left the room, but after a few seconds she began to let out bloody, murderous screams. 

When we rushed into her room, she looked like she had fought a boxing champion—bloody lips, black eyes, bruises all over her body. No one has ever seen her do this to herself. Objects will move freely in space. At one point she was in protective custody because her doctors thought she would hurt herself. 

During these restraints she was unable to move or do anything on her own, but new footprints kept appearing or her tray/cart continued across the room. The room was reserved so there was no way other people could do this. When we questioned her, she just said, “It was Tiberius.” If there was ever a quick answer or code, it was in this room. One night, a security guard reported that the lights were going on and off. It was this room.

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