Man claims to have killed Bigfoot in the wild

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A man from Las Vegas named Rick Dyer, claims to have slain a 8-foot-tall, 800-pound Bigfoot. It happened near San Antonio back in September of 2012. While out in the wilderness, Dyer used ribs along with deer urine, to allegedly lure the fabled Bigfoot beast.

The urine was used around specific areas within the forest and the rib meat pieces, were placed around as well.Through this method, Dyer caught up with and killed a Bigfoot, while out in the wild. As time passed, Dyer was harassed about the Bigfoot he gunned down.

Rick Dyer Bigfoot kill

Rick Dyer is a well known “Bigfoot hunter”. He has spent a lot of his life, chasing after the ever elusive beast. Dyer said, he used pork ribs found from Walmart and later attached them to trees using nails. The Bigfoot came from the scent and began eating the ribs from the trees.

Rick Dyer Bigfoot face

Tearfully, Rick squeeze the trigger of his gun, as the mighty Bigfoot fell to its knees. Moments later, it gasped for its very last breath. Tests were later conducted by him, claiming that the Bigfoot was indeed real. Rick stated that DNA tests also with 3D optical body scans, were done providing proof of some sort. The Bigfoot corpse was subjected to everything he said.

However, this was not the case at all. Unfortunately, humanity will have to wait for real conclusive evidence, as Rick later confessed to creating the entire thing. He even hired someone to fabricate this Bigfoot beast.

Both he and his partner later released a photograph of the Bigfoot creature inside of freezer. More evidence was going to be released at an upcoming press conference, scheduled several months later. As it turns out, at a press conference months later the Bigfoot was nothing more than an altered rubber ape costume.

Rick previously claimed to have found a Bigfoot body, that was 8 feet tall and weighed around 500 pounds. This previous encounter, allegedly took place…while he was hiking through the woods of Georgia in mid-2008.

After all of this, Dyer does not regret making up these encounters. He has since networked with other Bigfoot trackers in hopes of actually finding the real thing.

Bigfoot corpse Rick Dyer

While the Bigfoot tour was in operation established by Dyer, he earned an estimated $20,000 dollars of which he paid to his associates initially. However, the Bigfoot “corpse” went on to draw in crowds in several cities earning around $60,000 dollars.

This is what Rick Dyer said:

“Everyone that went on my tour had less than $100 in the bank, with nothing going for them. Some didn’t even own a car. I made their life better, I never treated anyone bad, I’m a joker, I play around that’s just me….” he wrote. “I have made lots of people mad but 1000X more smile!”

Ironically, perhaps Rick may actually find a real Bigfoot one day. The question is, will people actually believe him again?

(Source: Secrets of the Fed, Daily News and Snopes)

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