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Alice Ray: The Ghost Who Searches For Her Lost Baby

Her name is Alice Ray, she was destined to damnation within this world. She was a striking young Irish girl, with hopes and dreams. Upon boarding a ship as a bondservant, she wanted to escape famine and hardship. Instead, her woes all but continued.  It is thought young Alice was around 15 years old when

The strange phenomena of spontaneous human combustion

This wondrous phenomenon dates back to the 15th century. It is known as spontaneous human combustion. There have been a number of cases reported about people randomly (out of nowhere) bursting into flames. It seemingly cannot be explained by some experts, as it is something from out of a science-fiction film. The most recent case

Man without a reflection

What is unseen remains controversial. In this video, a younger looking man dressed in black wanders by a mirror in a what appears to be a shoe store in Savannah, Georgia. However, when he walks by, he doesn’t cast a reflection. The quality of the image isn’t crystal clear and not much of a shadow (if any)