School Librarian Witnesses Cthulhu Like Creature At Work

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It happened recently at one elementary school. While students and one librarian were inside their two story school, they looked out the window to see a rather strange looking figure. 

This school’s library media center has very large windows, which overlook the courtyard on the first floor. The librarian explained that it is possible to see the roof of the building from this perspective, as you would be looking up at it from that vantage point.

The librarian along with 20 students at the school witnessed what resembled a Cthulhu type of creature. The children are all between 5 and 6 years old who were there with him. Nothing was out of the ordinary, until all of the children starting pointing outside (with their mouths open) from surprise or shock. 

Cthilhu and Lovecraft

The children along with the librarian, witnessed a bipedal creature standing upright and it was completely black colored. It’s skin seemed to be shiny and stretched from head to toe.

This thing had tentacles and even seemed to move. It seemed like this creature could move or control all of the tentacles at will. Of course everyone was freaked out over what they had just seen.

All of the children described this as a giant bird eating black hay. However, according to the librarian, this was no bird. This thing resembled a large humanoid type squid monster. After a while, the creature seemingly wandered away. They continued to look for it but it was gone after a while.

The librarian further explained that this thing resembled either a Cthulhu or something like SCP-2125. It certainly was unusual and at least the size of a human or bigger. After talking with the school’s maintenance man, they said nobody they knew of was up on the rooftop. His only explanation would be if someone used a ladder to get up there. 

The man then explained if this ever happened, then likely some kind of security measures would be set in place, to protect everyone at the school. More questions remain unanswered such as why someone would be wearing a costume like this during school hours to terrorize small children? 

Perhaps it was some nut job wearing black latex with wires used for moving the tentacles. Or perhaps they did witness something out of the ordinary after all. Could this have been some kind of alien? 

The librarian went on to say, “I saw it for about 10 seconds, they probably saw it for 12 seconds, I turned around as soon as they pointed. It did not have wings and it didn’t fly. When it went out of our view, it walked. Also, this thing is was as tall and big as me, it was huge which is why I don’t believe it was a bird. It was human sized.”

(Source: Reddit)

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