British woman admits to having sex with 20 different ghosts

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Amethyst Realm from the United Kingdom, is a 27-year-old woman, who says she is a spiritual guidance counselor. To date, she has had sex with 20 different ghosts. It seems that either she or they seek her out at her home in Bristol. Not long ago, Amethyst appeared on the British television series “This Morning” on the ITV network hosted by Phillip and Holly.

Amethyst Realm ghost sex interview

While she was candid, she often was smiling and laughing. Perhaps this is from her nerves, after being in front of a live television audience. Overall, she genuinely seemed to be sincere, in what she was saying. It is a rather bizarre topic, that would make most people giggle. Amethyst continues to answer questions while on the show. Some things seemed to be quite difficult to explain.

During one moment, one of the hosts made a reference to sleep paralysis. This is a condition that occurs when someone finds them-self unable to move for a short period of time. Their body switches back and forth irregularly, from being both awake and unconscious. When this happens, someone can become confused within a dream-like state of mind. Amethyst tried her best to explain things as she talked about getting it on with ghosts.

Everything started happening to her 12 years ago, when her then-fiancé moved into a new house and a strange energy started to become physical for her. These ghosts, started touching her, which eventually led to different sexual type encounters.

Ghost hand

Amethyst mentioned, that she felt pressure on her body, particularly on her thighs and breathing on her neck. While one would think this would make a woman uncomfortable, this instead gave Amethyst a sense of comfort. She went on to say, that there was a sense of weightlessness among the caressing and physical feelings that she felt. Initially, she said this started as a type of energy before it became physical for her.

This first ghostly affair, continued on for 3 years, until her husband walked into the room witnessing this. From what her husband said, he witnessed a shadowy figure through the window. She seems addicted to these ghostly partners who aren’t even made up of flesh and blood. Now, Amethyst wants a ghost baby she says.

“I’ve done a bit of research into phantom pregnancies,” she said. ”There’s a possibility that it is a ghost in you, but people don’t know how to carry it to full term.”

A paranormal investigator named Vincent Carbone from Morris-Jamel Mansion in New York, and the Gotham Paranormal Research Society said:

“Overall as far as the existence of ghosts, when I lead investigations, I’m skeptical believer. I believe the vast majority of claims are either embellished, misinterpreted experiences, or outright fabricated,” Carbone says.

That said, I have had experiences I cannot explain, but I don’t know if ghosts exist 100 percent. Some of the things, I’ve had happen on investigations have been unexplainable. If it was me, I don’t think I’d be able to help her, she needs to speak to a therapist,” he says. “Do I think she’s having sexual intercourse with a spirit? No, but I can’t speak on other people’s experiences.”

(Source: Bravo TV)

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