Alice Ray: The Ghost Who Searches For Her Lost Baby

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Her name is Alice Ray, she was destined to damnation within this world. She was a striking young Irish girl, with hopes and dreams. Upon boarding a ship as a bondservant, she wanted to escape famine and hardship. Instead, her woes all but continued. 

It is thought young Alice was around 15 years old when she arrived in Savannah, Georgia. She was sold as a slave to pay for her passage. Unfortunately, Alice ended up in possession of an evil man. This man was so very cruel and sadistic in every sense of the word. This local plantation owner was despised by most of society and his peers. 

Soon enough, Alice found herself in this man’s bed. She believed that she was going to be working as a housemaid or field hand. But instead she became his sex slave of sorts submitting to this man’s every plesure. 

Without rights just as an African slave during this time, Alice was mistreated each day. As time passed by, the butler at the plantation grew fond of Alice and the two fell in love with one another. Tired of the abuse, Alice’s screams enraged her dear beloved butler, sending him to kill the abusive plantation owner. 

Soon enough, the murder was discovered. Both the butler and Alice were sentenced to die. However, the citizens of Savannah spared Alice long enough to give birth to her child. However, the butler was hanged immediately. 

alice ray ghost story

As time has passed, many folks have reported seeing a young girl in Wright Square. She is best described as a young girl asking people where to find her baby. Even tourists who come through here have mentioned their encounter with her. Even the Savannah police department has mentioned seeing a young girl asking for the whereabouts of her lost child.

Those rookies new to the police have even been sent out to look for Alice as a practical joke. Yet, some may not think it’s so funny. This area often has people dressed in old attire as part of historical events.

Even the tour guides here dress in clothes from that period of time. From what is understood, the ghost of Alice Ray has appeared before more people than any other ghost in the United States. She has been mostly seen in the Wright Square area. However, if you have a young child don’t look away, as Alice might take it away.

(Source: Anomalien)

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