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Man without a reflection

What is unseen remains controversial. In this video, a younger looking man dressed in black wanders by a mirror in a what appears to be a shoe store in Savannah, Georgia. However, when he walks by, he doesn’t cast a reflection. The quality of the image isn’t crystal clear and not much of a shadow (if any) is left when he walks by also.

There are a number of different things out there which we have no explanation for. The unknown is interesting to learn about. The strongest theory about this video, is that the man is a modern day vampire.

Are there modern day vampires living among us? Judging by the lighting in the store, it seems this was filmed at night. What is known about vampires and mirrors is they have been used to ward off vampires when placed facing outwards. In some cultures, vampires don’t cast a reflection and at times do not cast a shadow either. Maybe this is because vampires don’t have souls (according to many legends).


There are people who certainly want to be vampires and even are regarded as one. They partake in the drinking of actual blood to feed themselves. There are rituals and even sacrifices which have been reported pertaining to vampire activities in modern times.

A brood or coven is a group of vampires together. Certainly more of them together would present even more of a threat to a hapless victim. The most famous story dates back to 1867 when Irish author Bram Stoker created a fictional character named Dracula.

He was based upon the Prince of Wallachia better known as Vlad the Impaler. This ruthless feared monstrous madman had well over 20,000 corpses on pikes outside of his castle—as a warning to those who might challenge him.

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There are different ways to ward off vampires according to different stories. Wear iron jewelry, a holy artifact such as a cross, spread salt around your home, use hawthorn branches and eat and wear plenty of garlic. Ultimately, piercing a vampires heart with a wooden stake is the ultimate solution. Decapitation of a vampire is also mentioned as a way to destroy it.

With traditions from the past, Romanian culture believed that a child could simply be born a vampire if a spell was cast upon before the baby was born. The most known way of becoming a vampire was to be bitten by one—with a limited amount of time to pass before turning into one of the Nosferatu. Whether or not this video actually shows a real modern day vampire is up for interpretation. It is fascinating nonetheless.

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