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Jessie Rosenberg alien encounter England

Beautiful Nordic Aliens Visited This Woman In 1954

Her name is Jessie Roestenberg and during this time she was only 29 years old. Jessie is from West Midlands, Staffordshire, England. Sources say, that Jessie along with her two children witnessed a unique...

Black-Eyed Ghost Child Still Haunts British Mother

Black-Eyed Ghost Child Still Haunts British Mother

This frightful photo, dates back to 2013…when 24 year old mother Hannah Butler, snapped a shot that has ever since puzzled people. She was wandering through an area known as Hessle Foreshore woods located...


Ghostly knights captured on camera

Richard Jones age 38 was outside taking a picture of his daughter. He has five children. The area is located at the Tamworth Castle Grounds in Staffordshire. Legend mentions that a 9th-century nun haunts...