Las Vegas Residents Confirm 10 Foot Alien And UFO Encounter

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It all happened on May 31st. One Las Vegas man explained how he witnessed several 8-10 foot tall alien creatures in his own backyard. There is a video which has been shared across the internet, along with a snapshot of what appears to be some kind of extraterrestrial creature. 

According to this man, this creature is ‘100 percent not human’. He explained how many will not believe it but he witnessed it with his own eyes. The creature’s eyes he explained were ‘large, black eyes’. He explained how these figures were ‘wearing silver suits’ and how they had ‘a strange, metallic smell’. 

Alien creature Las Vegas 2023
Alien creature Las Vegas May 31, 2023 / YouTube / Unexplained Mysteries

Like anyone would be, he was scared so he decided to run back inside of his house. It was then when he made a 911 phone call. Not too long after police were on the scene. From the police report, there were no mysterious figures around, especially ones that were alien by appearance. 

Since the video recording of his panicked phone call, it has since spread across the internet the video has now been seen millions of times now. 

Before the alien encounter, there was a streak in the sky of a blue light that seemed to flare or burn out after a bit. This was captured on video by one neighbor. Everyone living there was terrified of what was happening and confused. 

The object seen in the sky was moving quite fast and didn’t make any noise according to reports. Keep in mind there are two nearby Air Force bases nearby, maybe this was some kind of new technology being tested.

A few moments after people spotted this UFO of sorts, a sudden boom or ‘loud crash’ was heard coming from one man’s yard. 

Some interesting comments have since been made about this including how the aliens could reveal themselves. Do they have some kind of cloaking or invisibility ability? There are some people who believe these to not be aliens but demons or fallen angels. 

Many simply do not believe this is a legit encounter but just a fabrication for publicity. It is unknown just how many homes the police visited upon that night trying to figure out what had happened. Another person said this is a mere distraction to get people’s attention away from the train crash which happened in Ohio. 

Neighbors outside Las Vegas May 31, 2023 / YouTube / Unexplained Mysteries

Some strange details about this incident include how the property owners (where the alien was spotted) were not home but they didn’t have a way to access the camera. Maybe there was a doorbell camera or another in the area? If so, then no footage has been made to the public yet about it. Other things like police body camera footage, haven’t been made available either.

Just like many encounters such as these, any recording seemed of poor quality. So, seeing better details is a problem without high-tech equipment. Perhaps there is more documentation of this but it could have been confiscated in secret for whatever reason. 

Of course many things about all of this are sketchy but nonetheless the alleged encounter is an interesting one. One person said it’s like the 2002 movie Signs. Are humans still not ready for disclosure? 

Maybe we are not intelligent enough to comprehend such a happening yet. But many of us want answers and the truth of things. So far, no wreckage has been presented yet either from the blue colored UFO that was seen in the sky footage. Certainly something is still left there unless it is covered up for whatever reason. 

Notably, the alien entities seen in many pictures such as these appear to be creatures that are quite frail in appearance. This does make you wonder whether or not they are truly biological by nature or some kind of clone or drone of sorts. 

Much like a scout or robot to see what is here. It makes you wonder if aliens are real, what they think of us. Maybe they are seeking refuge from where they came from and our world may or may not be inhabitable for them. One thing is for certain, our world is a dangerous one with the way we fight amongst ourselves over things built up in our society. 

Since this encounter, there has been much debate about it. The young man’s video seems to contradict some elements of this story. He did go on to say he isn’t in this for fame or money and isn’t making this up either. 

He also mentioned that he isn’t afraid of the figures now and would want to meet them again if possible. With encounters such as these, it makes you wonder what is out there in the universe and if we will progress one day beyond what we know here on Earth. Maybe there is hope for us after all. 

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