Mysterious Creature Recorded Swimming In Thames River

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Seen for a few moments, appears to be some kind of mystery sea creature. It is rather large, as seen in the video. This video was recorded by an anonymous resident from London, who was riding a cable car in Greenwich back during March 26th of 2016.

Mysterious Creature Recorded Swimming In Thames River

This mysterious creature, emerges for mere moments…before plunging back down deeper into the water. Speculation is, this is a surviving dinosaur of some sort. Likely a Plesiosaurus of some kind of variety. After all, we have evidence that dinosaurs once existed. It isn’t too far fetched to think a few of them might have survived throughout time.

It is difficult to know just how large this creature was. However, not everyone is convinced it is some kind of living sea life. This could be a submarine type vessel or another military type machine.

Whether or not this is some kind of hoax is up for interpretation. This mystery creature, might be larger than the Loch Ness Monster, believed to inhabit the Scottish Highlands since 1933. Some think whatever was recorded in this video, is actually a lost sperm whale. It is unfortunate that the clip is so short and recorded from so far away. Like many things such as this, believing it is really difficult.

While examining the video, there are several protrusions that can be seen sticking out from the water. This only makes it appear to be more of a kind of animal than machine of some sort. The large sized shadowy figure in the water, is seen emerging from the river momentarily. The O2 arena in Greenwich, is not far from where it was recorded in South East London.

This isn’t the first time something unusual was spotted in the river here. Back during 2006, there was a young female Northern Bottlenose whale spotted swimming in the river. This whale was later nicknamed the River Thames whale. It was the first time this species was ever seen before in the river. Record keeping about this, dated back as early as 1913. Unfortunately, the whale later died during a rescue mission.

There have been more than 50 whale, 450 porpoises and a number of dolphins that have been spotted in the water here. A location known as Canary Wharf, is not far from here either. This area, is the ideal spot for those interested in watching for marine life according to the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

Perhaps someone else out there managed to record video of this mystery creature, who hasn’t publicly come forward yet. It would be interesting to watch this from a closer perspective.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog and The Guardian)

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