Beautiful Nordic Aliens Visited This Woman In 1954

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Her name is Jessie Roestenberg and during this time she was only 29 years old. Jessie is from West Midlands, Staffordshire, England. Sources say, that Jessie along with her two children witnessed a unique UFO hovering right above their home. Jessie would go on to describe these beings, as being two aliens with Nordic type features. They looked at them from a spaceship of sorts, that resembled that of a “Mexican-hat”.

The incident happened back on October 21st, 1954. Jessie went outside, after hearing a hissing type sound. Both of Jessie’s children remained behind, laying in the grass out of excitement and fear. Certainly these children were shock, after seeing this flying saucer object hovering above them.

Pleiadians from other world

Not long after, Jessie noticed several blonde haired humanoid figures, that seemed to be staring back at her. These aliens were looking out a window of sorts. She didn’t know what to do but stared back at them. What would anyone do if they noticed something such as this? Jessie was in disbelief at what she had seen.

Ever since this encounter, it has had people wondering what it was she had seen. Known as ‘The West Midlands sighting’, this paranormal activity encounter – has since been investigated and attempted to be debunked. Of course anyone could make up such a story.

What makes Jessie’s encounter different, were the type of extraterrestrials that were seen. They were beautiful people according to her description. These alien beings, had long golden hair and beautiful faces that had a large upper half. They also appeared to be wearing pale blue skin-tight suits with glass helmets made of a kind of glass.

Throughout the 1950’s, there were a number of claimed alien abductions happening around the world. Since this time, aliens have become a part of global culture. Other reports include different locations around Europe, where people were taken by these same type of beautiful aliens. Other paranormal encounters during the 1950’s included The Incident at Kelly, The Mothman and The Flatwoods Monster.

These tall, blonde and beautiful aliens, are very different from the stereotypical ‘little green men’. Even Hitler along with his SS henchmen, went through great effort to make contact with such higher beings. These same type of aliens, have since been referred to as Pleiadians or Nordic Aliens. Many sketches have been made to illustrate what they look like.

Jessie Rosenberg alien encounter England

There are still reports of people seeing comparable aliens like this. It seems something may well be happening upon Earth, that only a few people really know about. It makes one wonder what kind of secrets they are truly keeping away from the public.

(Source: Ghost Theory)

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