Ghostly knights captured on camera

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Richard Jones age 38 was outside taking a picture of his daughter. He has five children. The area is located at the Tamworth Castle Grounds in Staffordshire. Legend mentions that a 9th-century nun haunts the historic structure. When he got home looking carefully at the photo he had, he was amazed at what appeared to be two ghostly figures. They are believed to be several ghostly knights, one of which is carrying a shield.


(Photo courtesy by The Mirror)

The photograph was taken during the daylight hours sometime in the afternoon. It was a sunny day back in October.

Richard said: “When I noticed the figure I was confused.

“I can’t quite make out what they are, but it looks to me like two figures.

“It could be two knights carrying a shield – which would make sense as it was by the castle.

“What’s so strange to me is that there is absolutely no color – it’s all white.”

The Tamworth Castle grounds ghosts have a haunted history. The grounds are located by the River Tame, in the town of Tamworth Staffordshire, England. History states that the site has been around since the Anglo-Saxon times. Many incidents occurred throughout time here, perhaps these two ghostly knights are still guarding the grounds.


When Ethelfleda, the Mercian Queen, built this structure to defend against the Danes (Vikings); it served as a residence of the Mercian kings. Later it was reconstructed and made bigger by the Normans. People come from around the world to see this incredible sight—as it is one of the best preserved Norman motte-and-bailey castles in England. The Castle has the second largest motte in England, following Windsor Castle.

Notably in history King Henry I, King Henry II, King Henry III, King Edward II, King Edward III, all visited here sometime between 1109 and 1330. Later King James I, in 1619, accompanied by Prince Charles.

This video shows some paranormal activity at the grounds, orbs can be seen.

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