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Father And Son Witness “Boogeyman” At Their New Home

After moving to the United Kingdom, several family members experienced a frightening night. It seems after moving to a new place, they began to experience an unknown force in the house. The 40 year old father, went on to explain that he was skeptical about the paranormal until now. Only his son watched also as

There Was Something Outside My Window

An anonymous person shared their story. Normally, they don’t believe in ghosts or anything else like that. However, on this night, things would be different for them. It was getting darker and the day was overcast mostly. She explained her dog was around this evening. This woman’s husband worked late night hours and his shift

Medic Defends Suicidal Patient From The Darkness

This incident took place back in Fresno County, California sometime in 2015. It was 3:00 AM and one medic with ALS (Advanced Life Support) was dispatched to what is known as a code 3 cardiac arrest. A 34 year old male, apparently attempted suicide by hanging them self. One local Sheriff was there at the

Harrowing Banshee Howls At Deployed US Marines

This rather bizarre encounter took place back in 2003, when a marine was stationed over in Iraq. He was there along with a few others. They stopped at a RRP (repair and replenish point). They bunker ed down for the night and dug up a place to crash. On this night, there was no moon