Man films creepy blinking mask inside of his car

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Ruben Weirdest News

A good friend contacted Ruben from Weirdest News on YouTube. It seems the bizarre mask, inside of his car appeared to be blinking. The reason he has this attached to the seat, is to make it appear as if someone is inside. While this is rather strange itself, what is even more strange, is the video where you can watch this mask blink its eyes.

The video is then slowed down and repeated to get a good glimpse of this blinking mask. As you watch the video, the lighting does appear to change considerably as he is driving. One can only think, this created an illusion effect and this is the reason the mask appears to be blinking as it does.

Man films blinking mask inside his car

He was using the Snapchat app and the scene appears to have been taken during the night. Where he was going to is unknown. However, when he looked back at was recorded (someone mentioned on the stream from his Snapchat) that the mask behind him appeared to be blinking in the video.

This certainly freaked him out, as he was listening to some music. He also admits that he got the chills from looking back at the video clip and was completely shocked at what he looked at.

Man films blinking mask in his car

Ruben asked his friend, whether or not he thinks its haunted by a ghostly spirit or if this was something more demonic by nature. His friend replied the mask will continue to stay in his car as a guardian of sorts. Most people would more than likely throw something like this away. However, his friend feels this mask is looking out for him in some way. Perhaps it is there listening to him and watching his every move.

Ruben also said, that his friend isn’t very good at editing. So, he believes this isn’t created by him but that it is something else entirely.

What this might be is questionable, as it could be something paranormal related as a possibility. At this point, nothing has been ruled out just yet. Ruben admits, he has since slowed this video down a number of times and the mask still appears to be blinking inside the car each time with both eyes.

Ruben admits that he has goosebumps about this strange mask, as he watches the footage. Ruben then interviewed his friend about what he had to say.

(The use of the word “mask” originates back to the 1530’s meaning to cover, hide or guard ones face)

Ruben continues to find more news, on his Weirdest News YouTube channel.

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