What About The Witches Daughter?

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This allegedly happened years ago, when a young man was on school retreat in the UK. He wanted to remain anonymous but had to explain what happened to him. It was late one evening and several of the girls at the hotel he was staying at, all wanted to go out for some late night fun. All of them, were around the same age and were eager enough to find out where the next disco party was.

At first the attraction was immediate, one of the girls caught his eye and he couldn’t help but being infatuated with her. His feelings were strong for her and he wanted to hook up with her that night. Eventually, both of them ended up holding hands and wandered around the town together.

This place was out in the country where they were. It was on the outskirts of the town. They followed a long dark road together that lasted for about a mile or so. About halfway, he decided to leave and let her walk back alone the rest of the way. He knew that something was kind of off or different about her.

What About The Witches Daughter

This girl explained, that both of her parents are witches and practice the dark arts. The girl said to him, that she didn’t want to partake in such things and she was scared of what they might do next. This girl explained to him, that even talking with her was dangerous for him to do. At first he thought she was joking and laughed it off. He then realized how serious she was. She told him, “Go, quickly…now!”.

At this very moment, he felt a cold chill run down the back of his spine. He gave her a quick hug before wandering off. When he arrived back at his hotel flat, he shrugged off what happened and what she told him. All of it was nuts to him and it was a most unusual night. As he laid in bed, he felt a strange feeling overcome his entire being. To him, he felt like he was being watched by something or someone. His imagination ran wild, it was all surreal.

Eventually, he fell asleep but started having really strange dreams. When he awakened in the late hours of the night, he was covered in sweat all over his body. This night was really dark outside, more so than ever before it seemed.

Only a small bit of illumination, came from the room and it was something that nobody ever would want to see. There were two burning red eyes staring back at him. He was petrified and didn’t know what to do. The only thing he could do was, close his eyes hoping to not see these eyes when he opened his own.

The eyes were still there in the room with him. He felt a sense of dread wash over him. The room remained dark except for these damning red eyes. He wondered to himself what was this thing in the room with him. Anyone would be terrified after seeing this. It wasn’t natural at all.

He then reacted by praying silently. He wanted to invoke the forces of good, to ward away this thing and protect him from whatever it was. The stare of these eyes, grew ever so intensely as he glanced out around the room. The feeling of gloom and despair was so powerful it seemed. The temperature seemed to now drop, as he kept praying. In what seemed like mere moments later, this thing seemed to morph into another shape entirely. Now, these red eyes were gone and what resembled a soldier suddenly appeared.

The soldier seemed to be wearing a bright blue uniform. Whatever it was, it looked back at him with kindness – as if it was trying to calm him down. He was flabbergasted at what had happened. All of the gloom in the air had been lifted. This young man, was now freed from the wretched evil that was with him from before.

An aroma seemed to seep into the room, it was reminiscent of fresh roses. It was pleasant and now he was worry free. He thought to himself, whether or not this was same girl he was with before. Was she a witch now or did she send something to protect him? This was something he would never forget. Of course all of it sounded like complete madness but one can only wonder if he came across something supernatural after all.

(Source: My Haunted Life Too)

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