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Florida City Issued Zombie Warning After Power Outage

A city in Florida, has been issued what appears to be some kind of apocalyptic zombie warning. The messages made, are believed to have been made by a hacker. The location is in Lake Worth, Florida. This area is somewhat close to Palm Beach. The person or persons responsible, seem to be getting a kick

Grim mermaid washes ashore in Virginia

What has been dubbed “the grim mermaid” is seen in this video. Whatever this thing is, it doesn’t appear to be entirely human. This washed ashore in Norfolk, Virginia this year. While it has been written off as nothing more than prop made by Paul Jones, it is still an interesting thought. Apparently, Paul does

Doomsday Fears

This conspiracy theory is a rather interesting one. With what is actually going on, we have had a number of things plague the world in recent times. There are many television shows (The Walking Dead) and films which have been released highlighting an apocalypse of sorts. The scare of zombie outbreaks with the DHS (Department