Florida City Issued Zombie Warning After Power Outage

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A city in Florida, has been issued what appears to be some kind of apocalyptic zombie warning. The messages made, are believed to have been made by a hacker. The location is in Lake Worth, Florida. This area is somewhat close to Palm Beach.

The person or persons responsible, seem to be getting a kick out of this, as this was the second time in the last few years, something like this has happened. During August of last year, while Hurricane Irma was present…multiple messages were sent out to the locals living in the area.

zombie alert message Lake Worth Florida

A public alert message, was made on May 20th. During this time, local residents were greeted to cell phone alerts, acknowledging that zombies were on the loose and ready to attack. The supernatural message, left the general public mystified.

The first call happened, sometime before 2:00 am. Residents were warned about power outages and were informed of a “zombie alert” for Lake Worth and Terminus. The message was sent out from a mobile phone alert from Wes Blackman who is a urban city planner.

For those who might not know, Terminus is a fictional train station name used in the popular apocalyptic television series “The Walking Dead” which is based on the comic book series, written by Robert Kirkman.

Zombies in the streets

The mobile phone alert, also left people in bewilderment…acknowledging something strange might have been going on. Ben Kerr, who is the public information officer for the Lake Worth area, revealed that the power loss lasted for only 29 minutes on May 20th. There was a black out, where 7880 homes were affected.

Ben Kerr also mentioned, about the zombie broadcast which was made. He went on to address the issue through different social media channels, explaining what had happened. Ben said, that there was no need for concern about zombies ravaging the area.

The public alert system obviously was hacked and investigators are trying to track down who is responsible for all of this. During an interview with Gizmodo, Kerr went on to say whoever the culprit was had changed the system messages in the system. Back during 2017, the previous zombie messages were removed before being broadcast to the public.

Lake Worth’s electric utility system, is setup to send out automatic alerts when there’s an outage. The system has thousands of pre-programmed messages, Kerr explained. But it seems that at some point someone went through and messed with some of the messages to turn them into zombie jokes.

“The actual power systems were not in any way compromised. This is a separate messaging system that at some point has been compromised,” Kerr said. “They just added a zombie fantasy.”

Kerr says the city has is investigating the prank, and has finally scrubbed all the zombie messages from the system.

“Hopefully the next time there is a zombie invasion alert,” Kerr said, “it will be a real zombie invasion.”

(Source: Disclose TV and Gizmodo)

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