Trail camera captures robed figure in forest

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Robed figure in the woods

Late at night and deep within a remote part of the forest, a trail camera captured what appears to be a ghostly entity. Whatever this thing is, it doesn’t seem completely human. While the information about it is rather limited, what is known—is the photo was sent to a paranormal site in the United Kingdom, back in 2013. There is a time stamp indicating these photos were taken on 8/9/12.

Apparently, deer hunters will use these type of cameras to assist them in catching deer off guard. Trail cameras are quite popular with hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. Some state parks use them as well, to record and track different types of animals that frequent the area as well.

This particular trail camera on this night, captured something else entirely. It clearly isn’t any type of animal. According to the site owner, several photographs were sent to them by an acquaintance. The camera was hanging from high above, off a tree branch.

The photos were taken in a remote part of the countryside, estimated to be roughly about 10 miles from the nearest town. In this location, only one house is known to exist, which is about 5 miles away. The original post had the author completely dumbfounded about it. They asked whether or not anyone has any idea about this rather bizarre photographed entity.

Robed figure in woods

Glancing at the photo, it appears as if this figure is kneeling at some point. Was this someone simply lost in the wilderness? Perhaps, but the figure seems quite distorted visually. There appears to be hairline and what looks like a head in each of the photos. This gives the argument of it being someone for whatever reason, wandering out into the woods alone at night.

Robed figure standing in woods

Although it isn’t known, the entity appears to be female from the clothing it has on. Looking carefully at the dress or robe it is wearing there seems to be a small head seen. Is this a doll or is it something else? In this zoomed in photo, it appears as if several baby skeleton corpses are in the arms of whatever this thing is.

Robed figure in the forest carrying dead babies

There are many questions to ask about these strange photographs. Was someone killed in this area? If so, perhaps there restless lost spirit now haunts this place. Wandering in the woods alone at night, is both dangerous and exciting—as you never know what is around the next turn. Ghosts seem to frequent places more at night and likewise so do demonic entities as well.

Robed figure standing up in woods

After all, the witching hour takes place at 12:00 AM. If this is a person, then what were they doing dressed in a robe on this dark night? Maybe they were a part of some kind of ritual, that took place or happened before in the past.

The witching hour can be explained as being a time of haunting. Ghosts, ghouls, demons, and gremlins are all thought to be at their most powerful during the late night hours. Also, the practice of dark magic is thought to be at its most effectiveness, during this time.

There are ancient witchcraft masters who perform ancient hexes, spells and/or other satanic rituals during the late night hour as well. Maybe this is something to stay away from, as it may well be something much more powerful and sacred to watch out for. If anyone has any further information about this, contact us.

(Source: Paranormal 360)

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