Zombie Plague Simulation Shows Alarming Results

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From recent studies conducted at Aalto University in Finland, researchers there discovered just how fast a real zombie outbreak would take over the world rather quickly. This simulation suggested that if this were to happen within the city of Helsinki, it would only take a mere 7 hours before the entire capital city would be engulfed with the undead. 

Image by Harry from Pixabay

The zombies would completely overrun everything and the citizens would be overwhelmed with chaos and panic from such an event. In more recent years, there have been a few streaming series that show such an event like this. ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Last Of Us’ are prime examples of such a horrific apocalyptic catastrophe. 

This Finnish team consisted of some sharp minded folks, who took this study very seriously. They expanded upon traditional models with computers, scouted surveys on the area and other means to simulate such an event. The zombies quickly made work of the area as they continued to lay waste to the remaining living in the city. 

Studies included movement ratios and simulated areas where quarantining would likely occur. These infected regions would escalate rather abruptly.The study compared those living within the city limits to those living in the outskirts of the city and beyond. 

One professor named Lauri Viitasaari was in charge of the mathematical models. They went on to say and asked the following:

‘What’s the right probability for a human winning an encounter with a zombie? The problem is that we’re walking blind here, because real data on such questions is severely limited.’

zombie outbreak
Image by imustbedead from Pixabay

It has been suggested that within their basic model this one single outbreak would be devastating as within a day’s time, the entire city would fall to the rise of the undead. 

Another professor named Pauliina Ilmonen went on to explain things further and said: 

‘I shouldn’t have found it surprising, but I was surprised at how quickly we have to react to keep our population alive. It made me think about moral issues like the rights of individuals versus the rights of a population.’

Of course with a project like this, it is for now just for fun. But it does make one wonder what exactly might happen if something like this did happen for real. This team said the study offers a way to explore such effects for a public health concern. Certainly a wide-spread disease outbreak can affect the lives of many people and can spread fast if not contained in time. 

One thing is for sure, people would likely panic and overrun the area risking anything to preserve themselves and step on others for survival. It is a basic human instinct to fend for one’s life. Their computer model can be used to simulate other locations around the world, which would include other types of scenarios such as a pandemic of sorts. Of course we all know about this from recent events in this modern lifetime. Who knows what the future holds for humanity or what’s left of it.

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