Doomsday Fears

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This conspiracy theory is a rather interesting one. With what is actually going on, we have had a number of things plague the world in recent times. There are many television shows (The Walking Dead) and films which have been released highlighting an apocalypse of sorts. The scare of zombie outbreaks with the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) training to fight zombie outbreaks is actually happening.

fema coffins

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps have been established to round up people, this map demonstrates estimated locations of these camps around the USA. Roughly 800 camps are suspected to exist. There have been reports of the government ordering $1 billion dollars worth of disposable coffins. A reported 5 million are stored around the country near or at these various FEMA locations.


As estimated 5 billion rounds of 5.56 mm ammunition has been acquired along with MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicles) which have been given to police departments at various locations. As sick as it sounds, paper training targets of pregnant women, children and the elderly have been used and an apology has been issued by the DHS contractor who created these.

The news is constantly enforcing Ebola scare tactics as the American public continues being spoon fed. Troops have been sent to Africa to “fight” the Ebola outbreak. The response time and preparation was botched with the first outbreak now reported in the USA.

Were these series of events orchestrated? Perhaps somebody somewhere made the call to rid the planet of its population on a global level. This actually made some sort of sense for some people. War yields too much mass destruction. It needs to be more controlled.

Start with propaganda using movies, books, internet, radio and television to spread the news. Start the infection in poor uneducated countries, thereby allowing the virus to be introduced to the general population. The “zombies” are those infected with the disease (Ebola) and now need to be eradicated. Is global warming the reasoning? With such a worldwide large population of people, together overall are we putting out extra heat into the atmosphere. A person’s normal body temperature is 98.6° magnify that by billions and perhaps it may be affecting our planet.

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