Odd river creature washes up in Liverpool

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Whatever this thing is, it has people scratching their heads. There are a number of theories about this beast. Perhaps it is some sort of known creature, such as a dolphin or porpoise. But these are speculations at this point.

A 28 year old man named Sean Hall, along with his colleague – were wandering along Otterspool Promenade just south of Liverpool, England. There along the shores of Mersey River, was the corpse of a rather peculiar looking creature.

Odd river creature washes up in Liverpool

After seeing this water animal, they initially thought it was some kind of dead seal. However, this was not the case. It appears to be something else entirely. Sean decided that this animal might need help, so he approached it closer. Upon inspection, he noticed it had sharp teeth, a furry body and what resembled spikes of some kind.

Experts initially guessed that this beast may well be a porpoise from the Cetacean family or perhaps some kind of river fish. It seems strange, that a fish would have hair growing from it. The creature appears quite gruesome and fearsome, even missing its eyes. Consultants from Liverpool University have still not been able to identify this strange creature.

Crosby beach monster Liverpool

One professor named Leonie Robinson mentioned that it’s quite difficult to figure out anything from photos alone. More evidence would be ideal. Robinson said, “Unfortunately it is so rotten, that it has lost most of its identifying features. She also commented, “It must’ve been dead a long time.”

Robinson said…that the fanged beast, likely was deceased for quite some time before Sean Hall happened upon it along the shores of a Liverpool beach.

Sean Hall said that this beast appeared as if it came from ancient times. He also mustered up the courage to touch it. He said it was slimy to the touch. Not doubt, that whatever this thing is died recently. Further testing would also help to determine what it might be. This is the second strange creature found near here. Previously, along the Mersey River several months ago, a creature was discovered at Crosby beach.

Crosby beach monster liverpool England

This creature like the other had both black spikes and fur. Some think this might be a sea mouse, although this hasn’t been confirmed yet either. Things such as these, are rather mysterious. They also give hope, to those hoping to find the next big discovery.

There are far too many things, that people don’t know about still. Findings such as these can change our history and where we came from originally. Perhaps more new of this will be released soon.

(Source: Daily Star Sunday)

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