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Strange sounds are happening in Pennsylvania

Speculations are, something strange is happening underground in locations like Lehigh County and Bucks County, located in Pennsylvania. Seemingly during the late night hours of around 2:00-3:00 am, loud noises are being heard. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. All of this, has people puzzled and speculating all kinds of different

Dying CIA operative reveals details of Area 51

Back in March of 2013, an interview took place at an undisclosed location. What was learned from a former government employee was rather intriguing. Specifically, this man worked at the Area 51 base located in Lincoln County, Nevada, United States. During this time, he was dying and before his passing, he wanted to share his

Humans and robots will marry in the future

While human beings want and need the comfort of one another, what would happened if this could be simulated? Experts are now saying that by the year 2050, humans will have life-like robotic companions. They will provide most all the wants and needs that people need including sex and conversation. How will this change the

Creepy website streams over 73,000 hacked private camera feeds

Being safe and secure is something everyone wants in life. Knowing that their family and friends are all okay. However, what if you were being spied upon? This is now happening and the world can watch you online without you even knowing initially. It seems a new website popped up displaying various locations around

Nazca lines around the world

Our world is filled with unknown explanations, this is another discovery which has some scientists perplexed. Over 50 geoglyphs of different sizes have been discovered across the northern part of Kazakhstan located in the central part of Asia. The structures are made up of earth mounds. These mounds are fairly artistic by design; similar to