Bow hunters babble before Bigfoot encounter in Idaho

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While out filming their Bow Hunting episode in Idaho back in 2013, Tim Wells, Erik and their cameraman head into the deep wild, on a typical hunting expedition. To their surprise, they encounter what appears to be a Bigfoot beast wandering through the wilderness.

Bigfoot captured on camera by hunters

Undoubtedly, the video seems somewhat fake, but it is also interesting to see. Many think this is nothing but a man wearing some kind of ape suit. The comments are amusing enough to read through on YouTube. The video was labelled as being in high definition.

Bigfoot captured on camera in Idaho by hunters

Bigfoot is best described as being a large hairy bipedal creature, that appears to be quite physically strong and rather reclusive. Much speculation about these creatures, continues to create curiosity. Quite often, many people head out into the wild—hoping to catch a glimpse of these fabled legendary creatures.

There are television series and avid Bigfoot hunter communities, which have sprouted up over time. All of them hope to interact or even capture one. Perhaps one day, we will see clear cut evidence of Bigfoot. Their divine purpose for being here, is often a controversial subject. Some believe, that they are here to help protect mankind, while others believe they pick off stray hikers and hunters alike making a meal out of them.

Bigfoot is best described as being a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid which is best known to inhabit parts of the Pacific Northwest which makes up about one-third of all Bigfoot sightings. Mostly, the other alleged sightings have occurred throughout the rest of North America. There have been reports in other parts of the world however where Bigfoot has been seen as well. The most famous Bigfoot footage is the 1967 Patterson–Gimlin film. It is still debated to be authentic evidence even now.

Of all the paranormal beliefs, Bigfoot remains to be one of the most talked about bizarre things in our world. Far too many misidentifications, and hoaxes have left many laughing at what might be real evidence right under our noses.

As technology advances and more people wander into the wild, with at least a cell phone camera—someone will undoubtedly capture an encounter one day. And it will give us a better understanding about these creatures and what they are doing here. Perhaps Bigfoot are extraterrestrials of kind who have come to Earth for one reason or another.

Far be it, that someone will capture or kill a Bigfoot. And perhaps science will finally catch up with all of these “imaginary” Bigfoot sightings.

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