Strange sounds are happening in Pennsylvania

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Speculations are, something strange is happening underground in locations like Lehigh County and Bucks County, located in Pennsylvania. Seemingly during the late night hours of around 2:00-3:00 am, loud noises are being heard. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. All of this, has people puzzled and speculating all kinds of different things.

Image: Alex Hoff/CBS News

Image: Alex Hoff/CBS News

In other locations around the world, people have reported hearing noises as well. Some of these sounds, are comparable to that of an explosion or a humming type of a noise. The authorities in Pennsylvania, have their work cut out for them. There have been so many people claiming to have heard these sounds, it makes pinpointing the source even more difficult.

These occurrences have been going on for the last several weeks. These mystery booms, have now garnered the attention of the FBI. There are some, who think the government is actually up to something rather secretive. In light of recent times, the FBI and other government agencies have been under much scrutiny, for scandals and other cover-ups.

Weird noises heard in Pennsylvania

A report from Philadelphia, mentions there were a number of witnesses who actually heard explosion-like sounds. This wasn’t just a few people, the numbers are in the hundreds. This makes it much more difficult to hide, when so many people have either witnessed or heard something such as this. These noises have now become a thing on social media online. Conspiracy theorists, investigators and others, are searching for truth about this strange mystery.

Perhaps someone out there can decipher what is actually going on, that is causing such a panic. People are thinking that sonic booms are happening. The noises heard, may be the result of gunfire or space debris, falling to the ground. Since nothing has been found, the theory is…this is happening underground, because a series of tunnels are being worked on.

The panic comes from logical reasoning. If some kind of underground survival system is being put into place, then perhaps the government or others know something – that the general public doesn’t. Throughout history, this continues to happen. The wealthy have everything, while others continue to struggle.

With natural disasters occurring, perhaps the booms heard are shifts in the Earth itself. Recently, volcanic eruptions have happened in places like Hawaii. One witness said, the rumbles heard were much like an earthquake. Police departments are baffled over all of this. Even one department posted on Facebook about all of this, well over a month ago. It seems so far, nobody has still come forward regarding all of these strange noises.

As federal agents attempt to get to the bottom of all of this in Pennsylvania, other locations have been reported about in recent years within the United States. Some of these locations include Colorado, Dallas, Maryland, and South Dakota. This strange phenomenon, continues to leave people baffled.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM)

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