Nazca lines around the world

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Our world is filled with unknown explanations, this is another discovery which has some scientists perplexed. Over 50 geoglyphs of different sizes have been discovered across the northern part of Kazakhstan located in the central part of Asia. The structures are made up of earth mounds. These mounds are fairly artistic by design; similar to those seen in the Nazca region of Peru.


These mounds were discovered from Google Earth. They range from different patterns which include rings, swastikas and squares. The size of these range from 90 to 400 meters (or 295 up to 1,312 feet). By comparison, they would be the size of a modern-day aircraft carrier. These shapes and patterns are difficult to see on the ground—but easily recognizable from above. One swastika found was made by timber. Swastikas were used more often in ancient times.


After this discovery, an archaeological expedition was made by Kazakhstan’s Kostanay University in collaboration with Vilnius University located in Lithuania. This team has been searching these geoglyphs extensively. With their findings they mentioned: “As of today, we can say only one thing – the geoglyphs were built by ancient people. By whom and for what purpose, remains a mystery.”

The Peru’s Nazca is the more well known geoglyph—which was constructed by an earlier civilization. Russian archaeologists have excavated a geoglyph which was made into the shape of an elk.


This appeared to be even older than the Nazca Lines. Geoglyphs have been reported from around the world including Brazil, the United Kingdom and the southwestern part of the United States. With technology used with Google Earth, archaeologists and enthusiasts have been able to study these great enigmatic structures.

The question remains, are these connected to crop circles? What are these used for? Are they messages used with communication from extraterrestrials?

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