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Police Officers Injured, After Triggering Bladed Booby Traps Inside Florida Mobile Home

It was quite a sight to see, when police officers from Hernando County, Florida came across one rather unusual Eldorado Avenue mobile home. This county area is home to around 173,000 people. A woman named Nickcole Ellen Fay Dykema, apparently setup many booby traps around her property inside and out. 

Nickole Dykema

When law enforcement arrived at her Spring Hill home, they had no idea there were 3,714 bladed weapons at the property. Later, photographs were released by the sheriff’s department showing that the home was filled with not only weapons such as swords and knives, but fake severed limbs and fake skulls.

Some of the police officers from Hernando County, attempted to disarm and/or confiscate the many weapons there. Upon doing so, they were badly injured and later taken to a treatment facility.

Both forensic technicians and detectives worked throughout the day, to remove all of these weapons. Among the weapons were blankets with pins hidden in them, along with cut out openings inside the flooring. 

These weapons were strategically hidden in different locations. When this took place, it was believed that Dykema setup a series of booby traps, to keep people away. This is because she was at the time, wanted by the police. Perhaps she was trying to defend herself in her mind.

The then 47 year old woman, likely was afraid of being arrested and took things way too far. It is unknown if she was suffering from some sort of mental breakdown.

However, her extreme measures later landed her in jail, even though she was wielding knives along with a machete. She was formally charged with violating her probation by having the weapons.

This is perhaps one of the most unusual things to take place in society in years. The incident happened back in 2015. 

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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