Humans and robots will marry in the future

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Robot and human doctor

While human beings want and need the comfort of one another, what would happened if this could be simulated? Experts are now saying that by the year 2050, humans will have life-like robotic companions. They will provide most all the wants and needs that people need including sex and conversation.

How will this change the world? Quite dramatically as people will have the option of a robotic partner. Even reproduction is already replicated inside of laboratories. The idea of all of this raises moral values in question, but it is predicted that not so far away in the distant future, people will have different options made available to them.

All of this will become legal and a part of every day life. Both the robots and the humans will merge into a society – unlike anything humanity has ever seen before. It makes you wonder whether or not leadership will be taken over by robots as telling them a part from the real thing might be more difficult.

AI robot head

With that being mentioned, there may even be a way to differentiate between both easier with all the new technology on the horizon. Many jobs will be taken over by machines and it has already started. This will change the economies quite considerably as well.

There was a conference held at Goldsmith University in London by David Levy. He is the author of a book titled “Love and Sex with Robots” which was published in the United States back in 2007 by HarperCollins. This book predicts the inevitable as marriage will become legal by 2050.

Others agree with this statement such as a British researcher named Adrian Cheok, he is a computing professor at the City University of London and he is the director of Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore. The prediction is that in the state of Massachusetts will be the first, if not one of the first to have robot marriages.

Robot with woman

This will include same gender marriages as well. For many people that have tried real relationships this may be better for them as it presents another opportunity to find some sense of happiness in this existence. Marriages are difficult and present many challenges to overcome.

The divorce rate in the United States as of 2016 is around 50%. This has left many children without either parent and changed how society sees things. Certainly children will be affected by such robotic type marriages in the future and what really will the world become? One can only ponder the thought of it…

(Source: Disclose TV)

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