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Controversial Alien Photos Appear On

Originally appearing on, were several photographs done in a portrait type of style. These two photos, seemed to show mind boggling images of several aliens. These aliens appeared as if they were dissected in some kind of laboratory. As it turns out, these images are from the television series The X-Files. They are studio

UFOs spotted 80 years apart seem quite similar

People have their moments of clarity, in certain moments. This time, a man’s daughter caught quite a comparison from 1937, that looks quite similar to another photograph taken this year in 2017. Both of these photographs, appear to show a UFO of sorts, flying through the sky. The first one, was a fluke…randomly taken by

Starchild skull found in Mexico

Believed to be the discovery of a spectacular alien/human hybrid, a strange looking skull was found by an American teenage girl from El Paso, Texas. She wandered deep within a cave located in Copper Cannon, Mexico. This happened well over 65 years ago. The area is known for its massive sized canyons, in the Sierra