Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Says Brett Kavanaugh Really Is Christine Blasey Ford

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This conspiracy theory seems far fetched but was posted on the TheMorgile YouTube channel not long ago. Simply stated, using software…a comparison was made demonstrating the resemblance between both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford. The physical features shared between them is quite compelling, demonstrated in this video.

Brett Kavanaugh Really Is Christine Ford

The responses were overwhelming as well. Around half the people believe this, while the others do not. Many people feel that a shadow government operates at another level. Some refer to these individuals as members of the Illuminati or some other comparable organization. Many things are believed to be controlled, trying to alter the perception of things perceived by the public.

Most people have seen in the news, the controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh and his appointment as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court recently. This controversy started before his nomination. Brett was on a short list of Supreme Court nominees. Christine Blasey Ford, is a Palo Alto University Professor of Psychology, who later contacted the Washington Post newspaper tip line.

Her allegations were, that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the early 1980’s. Meanwhile, while they were in high school at the time. Several other women also accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct as well.

Kavanaugh would later go on to deny all the allegations made against him, following a supplemental Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and an additional FBI investigation. After all of this, the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh’s nomination by a vote of 50–48 on October 6, and he was sworn in later that day.

Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford

Undoubtedly, there are similar features shared between both Kavanaugh and Ford. Whether or not they are the same person remains to be unseen. This interesting video, does not make any conclusions, yet asks different questions and highlights how they could possibly be the same person.

This controversy is so far fetched, that it seems to have some validity. Could there be someone or a number of people involved in this cover up? It is a wild speculation but with all the crazy things happening in our world today, anything may be possible. Neither of them were in the same room together oddly enough during the hearing.

Speculations about this include this being for real. It was done to ensure that nobody went off script. Perhaps this group of people are masters of disguise after all, using their theatrics as a distraction of sorts. The narrative by both the left and right is clear. So much is happening in the political arena lately, it is like watching a soap opera on television.

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