Starchild skull found in Mexico

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Believed to be the discovery of a spectacular alien/human hybrid, a strange looking skull was found by an American teenage girl from El Paso, Texas. She wandered deep within a cave located in Copper Cannon, Mexico.

This happened well over 65 years ago. The area is known for its massive sized canyons, in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. This location in particular, is also known for its hiking and gets its name from the copper-green hue from the canyon walls here.

The skull which was found, has led researchers and other experts to reach the conclusion, that this is something special. It seems after extensive DNA results, the final results were deemed not of human origin.


This would match up with the rumors and legends about a mythical race of people who came from the stars. This skull is treated in such a way—that most dismiss its origination completely. Did this come from somewhere in the cosmos?

Perhaps, however something such as this, is kept far away under lock and key. This makes it difficult to gain access to such a finding. When the skull was found, the young girl said that the rest of the corpse was inside the cave. The entire body was laying exposed on the floor of the mine. Looking around, she mentioned it was covered by a small mound of earth.

Only an arm and hand was initially visible. Something about this was odd, as if the corpse was reaching out for something in a pose. The area has been flooded and only the two skulls were salvaged from the scene so far which is located 99 miles south-west from Chihuahua.

starchild skull alien origin

The skull has since been nicknamed “The Star child skull”. It wasn’t until 1998, when the skull came into possession by Ray and Melanie Young the same year. Melanie is a neonatal nurse and she was convinced that the shape of this skull, wasn’t exactly a human deformity.

Afterward, they then approached an author named Lloyd Pye about the skull. It is unclear why they decided to seek the assistance of him, other than that of an archaeologist or paleontologist. Lloyd has previously published a book titled: Everything you know is wrong, book 1: human origins in 1997.

The book covers things about the alien origins of humanity. With the DNA tests made, the first one was done at the Bureau of Legal Dentistry laboratory of the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) in 1999. It was here that a small quantity of nuclear DNA, was determined that the child skull found was male in origin.

Deformed skulls are a widespread phenomenon in ancient Americas history. The skull of newborn infants consists of bones which are not yet fused. Whether or not this skull is actually alien in nature has not been dis proven to date.

(Source: Bad Archaeology)

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