Controversial Alien Photos Appear On

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Originally appearing on, were several photographs done in a portrait type of style. These two photos, seemed to show mind boggling images of several aliens. These aliens appeared as if they were dissected in some kind of laboratory. As it turns out, these images are from the television series The X-Files. They are studio props used during the filming of the series.

alien props Xfiles television series

For those who do not know, this series follows David Duchovny as the conspiracy-seeking FBI agent Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as his skeptical partner, Dana Scully. Together, the dynamic duo, get into many different situations mostly related to everything paranormal.

The community of 4chan, is toxic often pointing out things without thinking about them first. This has led to many heated discussions, with people judging things far too quickly. The alien bodies seen, appear as if they are covered in alien blood.

4chan post failure

Most of the time, props along with actors and CGI are used to create and bring these aliens to life on screen. This time, is no exception. Special effect artists are used to create these often masterpieces that are seen on screen.

Technically, these are Canadian aliens. They were made by special effects designer Bill Terezakis at his Vancouver-based shop, WCT Productions. Terezakis previously worked on the 2008 film The X-Files: I Want to Believe, he was quite happy to return to the franchise once again. His shop was dedicated from then onward…to bringing things to life for series creator Chris Carter.

alien props cgi Xfiles television series

It was chaotic for Terezakis, due to there being very little time. He often would get a call from the production manager saying to him ‘Lizard Man!’ after hanging up. Fortunately, the production was aware of both the time and money that was on the line during production. There was never a situation where someone said, ‘That’s too much!’

One early challenge, was creating one of the show’s trademark big-eyed aliens for a flashback sequence within the first episode. “It brought us back to a look we were all familiar with,” says Terezakis, “but I didn’t think we needed a lot of the detail that had been done with in the past. Rather than having a full creature suit, the actress had a magnificent physique and stature for playing the alien, so it was just a matter having a pair of shorts painted to match her body color; a more elaborate make-up on her head and face, and finger extensions. She had a translucent black suit, onto which we created templates to airbrush the costume.

aliens cgi Xfiles television series

Terezakis also said, “For the eyes, I wanted to try and maintain the eyes of the actress, so instead of a complete animatronic head, we just built elaborate contact lenses, and got the CG guys to do something similar to Splice, where they took the actor’s own eyes, spread them apart digitally and then angled them, and Chris was quite pleased with that.”

It seems this controversy has been laid to rest. Still however, the aliens were quite interesting by their appearance. How incredible would this be if they were for real. It would change everything here on Earth.

(Source: Make-Up Artist Magazine)

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