Witnesses See ‘Wolf Head’ Humanoid In Arkansas

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This entire area is surrounded by national forests, it is very rural and a heavily forested area. In two separate incidents, witnesses watched a hairy bipedal beast with dark brown and grey colored fur, appear in Cleburne County, Arkansas.

Locally, there are around 25,000 people who live here. Perhaps more have seen this beast, but have not come forward about it yet.

One 30-year-old dental worker, who wished to remain anonymous contacted Cryptozoology News. She encountered this rather unusual being in the month of June. It was the 15th when she witnessed this thing.

Werewolf head

She described it as being a dark brown and gray wolf like creature, with a few bear-like features. At first, she had to look at the creature a few times, because it didn’t seem to move. 

She said, “I was driving home and had to stop and pull over to make a call,” she said about the daylight encounter. “I was talking on the phone when it seemed something dark was moving in the woods, in the corner of my eye on my right. I couldn’t tell until it moved. It moved stealthily, on two feet, right by the edge of the woods.” 

“I think it was trying to cross the road but stopped when it saw me. It was aged a bit and it seemed to know its surroundings. Kinda Bear to wolf like, but standing up walking, but it didn’t seem to be afraid. It just moved away, slowly like it was wanting something or searching… I think my vehicle must have spooked it, because it seemed to want to cross the road but couldn’t. It was very creepy and so I just pulled back on the highway and left and kept driving until I got myself under control.”

She also explained all of this seemed to last about 3 minutes long. Unfortunately, she was unable to snag a photograph or video clip of it. The woman said previously she had heard about wolf-like creatures before, but never expected to actually see one.

In most of these encounters, people have mentioned these wolf people as being the size of a man with pointy ears and hairy bodies. They tend to have human-like fingers with thick claws.

During another encounter in Cleburne County, 33-year-old technician Chris Branch told Cryptozoology News he witnessed a ‘Wolf Head’ along with his friend, while they were traveling.

He didn’t disclose the specific location, but it occurred back in February. The other man wished to remain anonymous and goes by the name “Dell”. They didn’t give the exact location due to privacy reasons but what took place was rather unusual. 

Chris said that both he and “Dell” couldn’t sleep. It was early around 2:00 AM. He had a strange feeling and went outside to check on his horse. He grabbed a flashlight to see what was happening.

When he first approached the horse nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However, when he pointed the flashlight towards the edge of the woods, he noticed an unusual looking shape.

Chris said, “It was sitting close to the ground, very still, but he couldn’t make it until he got closer to it. So, at about 30 feet or so he stopped and noticed it was moving,” Branch explains. “At first, he thought it was a very big man wearing black and digging his fingers in the ground, but as he spoke to it with a very loud voice, this thing stopped what it was doing, looked at Dell and made eye contact.”

Both he and Dell soon realized this was no human being but something else altogether. Both of them soon became fearful of what was happening. This was no animal but something else. It wasn’t a bear or dog of sorts. It appeared to be the size of a body builder only with a wolf head. 

Everyone else who have spoken with them believe them to be on drugs or crazy but they stick by their story. This was no human. It was something else moving in the darkness at night. They even heard it growl and later noticed claw markings on the nearby trees. 

So, what did they see? Was this someone dressed in costume or some kind of prank? To date, nothing else has been revealed about this encounter either. Perhaps these people noticed a werewolf in the wild. Whatever it was, this will likely haunt them for the rest of their days.

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