Black angel statue holds mysterious powers in Iowa

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Nestled away in Iowa City’s Oakland Cemetery, is a peculiar bronze Black Angel statue, standing over the graves of Teresa Dolezal and her family. From what is known, Teresa moved to Iowa City with her son Eddie back in the late 1800’s. It was there, where she worked as a midwife up until the year 1891.

Later, her son Eddie would die from contracted meningitis. The boy’s body would be buried at the Oakland Cemetery. Later, a monument was erected marking his gravesite, made from that of a tree stump.

Teresa was devastated and later moved to Oregon. She later met a man named Nicholas Feldevert, they fell in love and later got married. However, it was short lived as Nicholas would later die a few years later in 1911.

After suffering from these tragic losses, Teresa would later return to Iowa City. It was here, where she commissioned Chicago artist Mario Korbel, to create a large eight-and-a-half foot tall bronze angel statue. This was done to ultimately, to forever memorialize her loved ones.

Image: Black angel statue of Oakland Cemetery/Derek Bruff

Image: Black angel statue of Oakland Cemetery/Derek Bruff

It seems that almost immediately, rumors spread about the statue, after it arrived by train car. The statue was put in place in 1913, with Eddie’s monument being moved beside the angel statue. The ashes of her late husband Nicholas Feldevert were placed within the statue’s base. After time passed, Teresa would die years later in 1924. Her ashes, were joined with her late husband.

This only further fueled the uncanny mystery of the angel statue. The angel statue turned from bronze to black by the time Teresa died. More rumors began to spread, saying that Teresa was some kind of witch or possessed by some kind of evil spirit.

She was regarded as a rather mysterious woman by her reputation. Some believed that the color change of the statue was to ward off anyone who got close to the graves. One rumor mentioned, that a bolt of lighting struck the angel statue scorching it black.

There are other variations about the statue and how it changed color. Perhaps one of the most provoking thoughts, was that Teresa swore on her husband’s grave that she would remain forever faithful until her death. It was believed, that the statue changed color, from her not being faithful to her husband. Painting a rather sinister picture about Teresa, she was also damned to have killed her husband instead. He never died from meningitis after all. The angel statue was blackened as a mark of her guilt.

Black angel statue Oakland Cemetery

Further claims, mention that the eyes of the angel statue turning black as coal over one night – as the blackness then ran down its face, from the angel actually weeping in sorrow. From these stories, it is no wonder that the statue has gained such a reputation of the years. Some believe that the angel statue itself, has some sort of sinister powers. It is also believed, that any girl who kissed the angel’s wings, would thereby die after six months time.

Likewise, if anyone were to come here on Halloween and touch the statue, they would die in seven years. Other rumors mention that If someone kisses the lips of the statue directly, then their heart would stop. It is believed that only a virgin can survive this kiss of death. Another creepy rumor is that the angel statue itself wanders the cemetery late at night.

Strangely, back in the year 2013, the SyFy Channel filmed an episode from their series Haunted Highway here. Investigators then captured strange sounds and other visual anomalies throughout the entire cemetery.

Using thermal camera technology, they pointed their cameras at the black angel statue itself and it appeared to be glowing rather hot. While they were there, the rest of the surroundings were reportedly quite cold. There is no doubt, that something strange is going on with this statue aside from all the rumors about it.

(Source: The Lineup)

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