The babysitter and the clown

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This urban legend dates back to the year 2011, when parents hired a babysitter to look after their two children—so they could go out for the night. She was new to babysitting for them. Perhaps the previous sitter left for the same reason, as there was something unnerving about this home. She felt like she was being watched.

After putting the young children to bed, she wandered through the house and wanted to watch television in their bedroom, since they had a satellite setup (away from the young children). The babysitter didn’t want to miss her favorite show. While looking around, the teenage girl witnessed something out of the ordinary, when she noticed a small clown doll in the corner of the bedroom.

She felt uneasy about the situation, covered up the clown with a sheet and decided to call the parents of the children. When the babysitter called she said:

“Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could move this clown sitting in the rocking chair out of the room? It is creeping out the kids and I.”

To her surprise, the parents said:

“We don’t have any clowns in our house.”

The mothers voice immediately changed to panic mode as she said:

“Take the kids and get out of the house, now!
The neighbor across the street will let you in. Call me when you get there!”

The babysitter was both frightened and confused as she quickly grabbed the children running out of the house. She knocked at the door of the neighbor and they let her and the children safely inside. Again, the babysitter called the mother. The mother was obviously concerned and asked:

“What’s wrong? Did something happen? Are all of you okay?”

(The mother said that they were on their way back along with the police)

Glancing out the window both the neighbor and the babysitter noticed a small dressed clown scampering down the street. They turned and looked at one another confused at the situation. The neighbor decided to call the police also—as they searched the neighborhood looking for this pint-sized clown.

Clown and the babysitter

It was believed that this was a deranged little person, who escaped from part of a traveling circus. What they were doing there and why is strange as well. Maybe they were getting a thrill out of scaring people or it was some sort of perversion to them.

Either way, this urban legend has several other scenarios—including that this clown frequently would be in the living room, the clown has been secretly living in the families garage for four months, eat their food and hide around the residence while the family was away.

Perhaps the clown panicked after seeing the babysitter in the house, so they quickly pretended to be a doll or statue in the parents bedroom. In the end, they were just clowning around.

(Source: Urban Legends Online)

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