Encounter with an interdimensional gelatinous ooze

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A Reddit user named “The_MadCalf” shared their personal strange paranormal experience recently, mentioning what happened in their early teenage years. As he has grown older, they simply have a more difficult time believing what they experienced. While they were around 16 years old, one evening between 9-10 PM they were laying on the sofa, watching television. (Where this took place wasn’t mentioned)

German shepard

Their dog named Dixie, was an 80 pound German Shepherd. This dog was quite tough and it took quite a lot to startle her. She was around 10 feet away from them—as they were watching the screen together. This person proclaimed that Dixie, previously warded off many would-be robbers from looting the place.

The part of town they were living in wasn’t the greatest, so having extra protection around (like a good watchdog) was a blessing. As the night passed by, the only lighting in the room was one lamp giving off enough illumination to see fairly well. It was a floor type lamp with good wattage. The rest of the light in the room came from the television screen.

After a short while, Dixie suddenly gets up…with her tail far between her legs. Dixie was never seen doing this before, however she began to stoop low to the floor crawling and made her way over to Reddit user “The_MadCalf”. She managed to wedge herself into a 1 foot square of space—between both the lamp and the wall, nearly knocking the lamp over.

It was obvious something spooked her. He explained that Dixie may have heard something nearby. As it turns out she did. Not more than around 10 seconds later, a strange shadowy figure appears. It was best described as being an oval blob of ooze about 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide approximately. Whatever this thing was, it made its way across the room—with overlapping shadows…which were continuously moving.

Ooze blob monster

The Reddit user best described it as being some sort of 2-D dimensional type thing. It was gelatinous by nature and moved much like a large chunk of jelly. When he first noticed this thing, it appeared to come straight up right through the floor. The room grew darker as this thing moved, it blocked out much of the lighting as it made its way onto the ceiling and into the kitchen.

Only moments later, did this gelatinous ooze fade away into obscurity. He never once witnessed this thing again, both him and Dixie were terrified and what just happened. Panic took over as he gasped for air and staggered towards the floor. “The_MadCalf” and their dog were petrified, frozen by fear. He began to comfort his dog and then sat down. It wasn’t until years later, when they revealed this truly strange encounter which happened that fateful evening.

They said: “I didn’t tell anyone until years later, since it sounded absolutely crazy. Hell, I still feel crazy for posting about it. I’m a very rational guy. Everything can be explained. But this one really got me. I’ve also seen strange happenings all over the house growing up, but this one was what stood out. Everything else I could shrug off or explain with enough time and denial.”

(Source: Reddit)

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