Small Alien Remains Discovered In Bolivian Village

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It is not yet understood what this might be. Some jokingly think it’s a dried up grape, a toy or a crafted carving of some kind. What exactly is it? This is the unanswered question that remains. A number of local residents recently proclaimed they have seen a UFO in the sky – which landed not far from Huarina in Bolivia, South America. Maybe this UFO was a vessel or spaceship of some kind carrying passengers from another world.

Image: Al Rojo Vivo / YouTube

A video was made and the recording shows this small-sized alien looking creature, laying on the soiled ground below. A few of the locals here managed to record footage of this “alien” creature or what was left of it. The video clip shows this alien body, lying in a gutter alongside one of the streets thought to be in the La Paz area of Bolivia. 

Eventually, the local authorities became involved with this and soon the news of this started to spread around the world during the end of March, 2023. An investigation has since been launched and so far nothing has been said about it yet.

While all of this occurred, some of the local residents here reported seeing numerous figures running around in the streets. It is unknown how big they were. It can be assumed that these alien beings are of a smaller stature and roamed around, while the cover of darkness provided them some kind of protection during the night. 

Maybe these were some kind of scouts used to explore the area before other larger aliens would arrive. It is unknown if other sightings occurred or if there are more remains left behind regarding these small alien entities. 

When something is smaller like this, it makes it more difficult to track down or collect some kind of sample from it without damaging the specimen. Perhaps the local government collected it for private study. However, this is just speculation as not much more information has been released about it yet.

“They were miniature beings, like those little people who appear to children,” said one resident.

When UFO expert Juan Carlos Aliaga spoke with the local media he said, “They sent me photos of what it was. The being curled up.” Juan also said that the “residents know all about this” and Juan said he would look into the matter.

Hopefully his findings will be released soon to learn more about this finding or hoax. Either way, it seemed quite fascinating to learn about.

Source: unexplained mysteries and mirror

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