The hairy hands of Dartmoor

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The hairy hands

Long ago, back in 1910…on a dark winters night, the first incident happened on a road located in the United Kingdom. This road was once known as Carter’s Road, named after the man who originally built it. Now, the road is known as the road between Postbridge and Two Bridges. Numerous encounters with a pair of mysterious hairy hands, have been reported about over time.

While someone is driving their vehicle down this road, their vehicle would swerve suddenly and veer off the road. Perhaps an angered spirit (some think its Carter himself who built the road) will take control and send people to an early grave. Reportedly, peoples vehicles didn’t have mechanical failure of any kind. This was something quite different indeed.

In many instances, most people did survive—however a few did not. Why these unexplained moments kept happening still puzzles people today. The first person who lost their life was a Dr. E.H. Helby. He worked as a medical officer for Dartmoor Prison. It was June 1921, when the doctor suddenly lost control of his motorcycle combination.

Riding with him were several young girls, they were the children of the prison governor. The motorcycle sidecar seemed to not take as much damage—as the motorcycle itself that the doctor was driving. Both of the girls survived being thrown out of their seats but the doctor lost his life.

After Dr. E.H. Helby and his death, another incident happened on August 26th of 1921. An army Captain mentioned a pair of invisible hands took over control of his motorcycle, forcing him off the road. He managed to survive with only minor injuries.

Hairy hands of Dartmoor

One report mentioned that in 1924, a woman went camping on the moor nearby with her husband. That evening, they noticed a pair of hairy hands trying to get into their caravan over the night. Even more strangely, the hands fled after she made the symbol of the cross with her hands.

Skeptics believe that many of these happenings were nothing more than people either driving too fast, not being familiar with the road or misjudging the area by over estimating the roadway now known as the B3212.

From a supernatural standpoint, some think that these hands are from someone who died either near this road or on it long ago. This unknown person may not have found peace on Earth,  as a part of them still lingers behind for whatever reason.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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