Demon Torments Remaining Friend

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It is unknown when and where this occurred but someone lost their friend to a suicide. Until this happened, their life seemed to be fairly typical. Over the last several years, this person changed it seemed. They said after their friend died they admitted to seeing a demon afterward.

It is not known where this story originated but it was spread around on social media sites such as Pinterest. They further explained that this continued happening to them over time, they kept seeing this same demon whatever it was. The first time they glanced upon this demon, it appeared to be more human by nature.

Demon Torments Remaining Friend

As these manifestations kept happening, this person must have thought that they were going crazy. They thought it was just their imagination at first. At first, the demon was there and then it wasn’t. It seemed as if this person was delusional. They later shrugged it off as some kind of strange phenomenon. Was this some kind of bizarre way to deal with the loss of their dear friend?

It wasn’t until one day, when they began holding conversations with this demon, that they realized this was more than some kind of delusion. When the demon conversed with them, it seemed like they knew him. This demon knew details that no one else would ever know. Seeming to urge them on, this demon attempted to cause them much sadness during their days.

It seemed as though this demon was trying influence them to die, by any way possible. Many bad thoughts rushed into their head. Perhaps the most hauntingly eerie thing that the demon said was,  “Now you really know pain, Join me.” When they heard this, they immediately thought that this was their friend who commited suicide.

Mustering up the courage from inside them on this day, they blurted out, “I’m not afraid of you…Are you Dylan?” They felt good after asking this demonic entity this question. They wanted a defined answer.

The demon glanced over with its dark soulless eyes and replied, “Dylan? Who is that? I am not that…I am you and you are me.” Baffled, they didn’t understand what this thing meant. After this last encounter with the demon, it seemed to go away not bothering them anymore.

This person admitted that their personality seemed to change, after these encounters. They even nearly killed one of their good friends over nothing. Now, they had a short fuse in life. They were triggered by the little things and tended to get angry more than ever. Why all of this happened to them, was never understood but there are things out there that nobody ever should cross paths with. Hopefully their life is better now and whatever this thing is has since left them alone.

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