The Ebu Gogo

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These rather unusual small hobbit-like people are known to have been discovered in a remote locations originating in Flores, Indonesia. They are known as Ebu gogo. Back in 1998, a team led by Michael Morwood from the University of New England in Armidale, discovered something rather incredible.

It was classified as LB1 otherwise known as Flo, Hobbit. These skeletal remains were found in the Indonesian archipelago. The cave discovered revealed skeletons of a rather small group of humans scientifically classified as (Homo floresiensis). These skeletons are estimated to be sum 12,000 years old.

Ebu male

These small people from the 19th century were best described as small hairy humanoids standing around 1.5 meters tall with big belly’s, flat noses, large mouths and broad faces. They would walk similar to humans of today. With their ability to mimic speech, what was spoken to them was reflected back to those who crossed paths with them. As the legend of the Ebu gogo goes, they were often spoken about to young children to scare them into behaving themselves.

The term “ebu gogo” means grandmother who eats anything. With more research discovered, it was learned that these small people were actually quite peaceful for quite some time—until they started destroying crops and even killing the animals brought by humans. After great conflict, they were forced to flee into caves. There people killed the Ebu gogo. One story tells of a Ebu gogo who stole a baby, perhaps this sparked a war between both sides.

This island the Ebu gogo lived on stretches well over 14,000 km from the eastern part of Java island. There are close to 2 million people living here now and the largest town is known as Maumere. The extraordinary beauty this place has is quite breathtaking. The landscape is diverse from mountainous areas to tropical beaches. There however are some dangers here to date, which includes the Komodo dragon, a 10 foot lizard with a deadly bacteria bite—causing rapid tissue degeneration and blood loss among other ferocious wildlife.


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