Feline humanoid mutant discovered in Malaysia

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Facebook feline baby humanoid mutant

Not long ago, rumors quickly spread about a supposed humanoid cat-like creature circulating around the internet. Photos were posted on Facebook and afterwards it quickly spread. There were rumors of this creature, being the side effect of some kind of underground lab experiment. This was being mentioned by many people online. (The feline humanoid mutant, has been quickly dismissed by the authorities)

feline baby humanoid mutant

This bizarre cat-like creature with a human looking face is unlike anything seen yet. This was assumed to have been created by some artist, looking for attention. However, it was first reported about being found near the Pahang border in the western part of Malaysia.

Police mentioned, that this creature was investigated into and no one came forward as a witness yet. They do believe, that this was downloaded from the internet and then later re-posted by someone. State police chief Datuk Rosli Abdul Rahman said, the images circulating on social media about this ‘strange creature’ were simply untrue.

Rahman said:

“Checks revealed the images were downloaded from the internet before it was shared on social media, claiming that the discovery was made in Pahang. I hope the public will stop circulating news about the alleged discovery,” he said when contacted.

Delving deeper into where this thing came from, reveals that this is that of a ‘silicon baby werewolf’ which is sold as a toy novelty of sorts. There are other created creatures out there, being sold online as well. Some folks enjoy oddities such as this.

More buzz about this feline baby humanoid mutant continues to grow. There was a post saying it was found alive near the Pahang border—after being housed in a laboratory at an unidentified location. Some have labeled this as being a diminutive oddity of sorts.

Certainly, it is rather interesting and bizarre to say the least. Who knows if something like this really does exist somewhere, with all the lab experimentation going on. While this mutated looking creature is captivating, any hopes of someone finding one running around in the wild, has been silenced for now. Humans have still yet to discover all life on Earth, especially in remote jungle locations and deep beneath the sea. Maybe soon, we will find something else new.

(Source: The Sun and New StraightsTimes)

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