The suicide portrait painting

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This lesser known urban legend, begins with a young woman who took her own life. All of this began back during the early 2000’s. It was mentioned that a younger woman scanned and even created this picture before shortly ending her own life. It is unknown where she was from or the exact date of when this happened. There is a signature across the right side of the painting however.

Suicide portrait painting

The urban legend about this painting mentions, that if someone stares into the eyes of this young painted soul, that they would fall into a deep depression of utter sadness. Intense feelings are supposed to overwhelm someone as they fall into a kind of trance over the picture. While there have been different things said about this painted picture, it only takes five minutes before the intense sadness starts to overwhelm you.

Some have said, that the image will even begin to change ever so slightly, displaying a sinister smirk on the girls face, as someone continues to look at it for a long period time. Perhaps a hint of a smile can be seen as well, as the eyes fixate upon ones soul.

As the image appeared across the internet on numerous forums and different chat rooms, a Japanese woman apparently killed herself, after looking at this painted picture of this girl. If this is true, it is quite unfortunate. Many may laugh off such nonsense but be warned that this painting may affect some people out there.

The Japanese woman, may or may not have had severe psychological problems to begin with. It seems that all of her sorrow, anger and grief was essentially captured within this one painted image of this young girl.

Suicide portrait painting urban legend

With such an emotional connection, it was said that people can actually feel the emotions that she experienced before succumbing to her own demise. Seen within the painting, are her forever lost eyes and they immediately drawn someone in, and as they continue to stare deeply into them. Photographs and works of art such as this, can certainly inspire people as well.

Sometimes however, artwork can stir up different emotions. This urban legend about this painting, mentions that the face is said to change quite often—mirroring whatever emotion someone is feeling as they look at this painted picture.

Maybe its best to stay in a happy mood, before trying to stare down this unusual art piece. Some have also said that the girls mouth will slowly morph into something more sorrowful as the corners of her mouth smirk ever so slightly before someones eyes look away.

Whether or not this painting is possessed by something or someone is mere speculation. It may well be just an optical illusion that is created while looking at the painting itself. This particular urban legend is more known in Korea. Later, this legend spread across to other locations throughout Europe and elsewhere.

(Source: The Paranormal Guide)

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